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Top 10 Best Secondary South Park Characters

Published: 4 days ago


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For the biggest South Park fans out there, here's the playlist Rebecca mentioned in the video! Enjoy:
South Park is the home of the weird, funny, and playfully offensive. For this list, we’re looking at "South Park's" greatest characters not named Stan, Kyle, Kenny, or Cartman. Our list includes some of the best secondary South Park characters such as Randy Marsh, Butters Stotch, Timmy Burch, Tweek Tweak, Jimmy Valmer, and more. Only the TV show will be taken into consideration. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Best Secondary South Park Characters.
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List Rank and Entries:
10. Terrance & Phillip
9. Jimmy Valmer
8. PC Principal
7. Mr. Mackey
6. Timmy Burch
5. Jerome "Chef" McElroy
4. Tweek Tweak
3, 2, 1: ???

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For the biggest South Park fans out there, here's the playlist Rebecca mentioned in the video! Enjoy:


Jack Ster 3 hours ago

Butters is the southpark meg


MUGEN the watcher 4 hours ago

I usually always call the "top pick."


Primal Anima87 9 hours ago

How dare you call randy a "Secondary Character"


lifejust keeps gettingweirder 12 hours ago

Na na na na na na, I made you eat your parents 🤣🤣🤣


Sean Schaefer 13 hours ago

1. Randy Marsh
2. Butters
3. Mr. Garrison
4. Chef
5. Harrison Yates
6. Jimmy Volmer
7. The goth kids
8. Terrence and Philip
9. Mint Berry Crunch
10. Towelie


Mage Myst 14 hours ago

why is tweek so high up the list. Randy should have been 1st.


Mister Peachy 17 hours ago made a top 10 South Park characters before and they put Randy Marsh as number one 👍🏻


Ryan Hayward 18 hours ago

I don't know if I'd put Tweak that high on the list and what about Mr. Hanky?


Sarah Watkins 22 hours ago

Randy Marsh is so pathetically stupid but that's why he's so funny 😂😂


Jack Frostingtonerly 22 hours ago

PC principal is an annoying character, and is one of the reasons I no longer care if I miss a new episode.
And at the same time, Randy is by far the best character outside of the main four kids and should easily have been #1.


Demetri Harlan 23 hours ago

"Don't forget your towel".


Haniel Carvalho 1 day ago



Jesse Awesome 1 day ago

You can convince me Randy is #1. His episodes are way more entertaining than most of the kids episodes not named Cartman


Isaiah Albers 1 day ago

I don't care what anybody says, Butters should not have been in the top 5, Randy, Mr./Mrs. Garrison, Chef, Mr. Mackey, and some of the others are better than him, I do not like Terrance and Philip, and Jimmy and Timmy are okay but not great, Tweak is also better than them. But this is my opinion.


K. Mullins 1 day ago



Optimus JudyHopps 1 day ago

I think PC principal is the best secondary character of south park.


Bernie Sanders 2 days ago

Butters is my favorite character in South Park but I still think Randy should deserve #1


Aidan Culver 2 days ago

This list is terrible. Tweek and PC Principle don’t belong anywhere near it


Yunior Gamboa 2 days ago

Andy is the best and pc principal is the worst.
Carman is thr king

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