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Another Top 10 Funny Video Game Commercials

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Another Top 10 Funny Video Game Commercials
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These game commercials were just too funny for us to pass up. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Funny Video Game Commercials.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. “Squid Kid”
#9. “In the Toilet”
#8. “Visiting Nintendo”
#7. “Weapon Testing”
#6. “The Vet & the n00b”
#5. “A Squirrel with a Hangover”
#4. “Hey Lady, Hit the Gas!”
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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xray 23 6 days ago

Where is super smash bros 64 commercial?


fishpop 6 days ago

"When your hit percentage exceeds mine; you may choose the soundtrack!" - Shockwave in his pre-order bonus trailer for War For Cybertron.


gumm cottente 1 week ago

I'm Happier after seeing thisd


Solid Snake 1 week ago

I think you guys can make 3 top ten list just off of how many times you brought up the great mighty pop in yours videos


Team Alpha 1 week ago

Dope Team Alpha Gaming Approves ;)


SilentChaos15 1 week ago

Great. Dumbass is back.


ZACH SPEIGHT 2 weeks ago

Was all of these US only adverts as I have never seen any of them on TV?


Trysha Antonelli 2 weeks ago

I think my 1990s flip phone can record better video quality than what we`re offered here. That Ratchet commercial is barely distinguishable.


Nancy King-Hoffman 2 weeks ago

Conkers bad fur day the video game was
Overall raw humour
In the rawest way but to me it was fun
Sick in some parts
Also very challenging to the mind they just put the worst hangover
From a human and put it in squirrel form (a red squirrel)I think it is overall a super funny way to look at a really bad hangover 🤗


Lazarus Meek 2 weeks ago

Watchmojo, can you please have links to the other video that has the same/similar title to this one? Pretty please?


Adolfo Pena 2 weeks ago

I wish Channing Tatum was in a game commercial.


Perun 2 weeks ago

where's the mafia city?


The Scarlet Speedster 2 weeks ago

Dan is back


msk97x 2 weeks ago

Watchmojo just made this video cuz of Liam Neeson smh 🤦🏽‍♂️


CookiesOnaMilkyRiver 2 weeks ago

3 wasn’t even funny..


Hoshi 2 weeks ago

Sounds like Matt pat


Sam Howlett 2 weeks ago

how is you're a kid you're a squid funny in any way


Ben Baldwin 2 weeks ago

What about those weird sonic adventure commercials, the one where sonic jumps from a plane and just dies after


Darcy JAMES 2 weeks ago

It’s Dan!!!


Kyle Webber 2 weeks ago

Why is the thumbnail a scene from the 22 jump Street credits?

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