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Ben Affleck VS Christian Bale As Batman

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Ben Affleck VS Christian Bale As Batman
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A number of actors have donned the cape and cowl over the years, but who’s the greatest Batman of the 21st century? For this showdown, note that it isn’t going to be a cinematic crossover fisfight. Instead, we’ll be looking at the various aspects of what makes for a great onscreen Batman to find our victor. Join WatchMojo as we pit these two Batmans against each other.

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Carlo Raso 1 hour ago

These arguements are why they're both my Batmen.


S Raaj K 2 hours ago

Bale was my First Batman, every time I see a Batman costume I've always wanted Christian Bale to be the Bruce Wayne


Rico Suavé 2 hours ago

Bale don’t have detective skills my ass, who else you know could pull fingerprints of a shattered bullet from a brick in the wall?? Stupidity 🤦🏽‍♂️


tanzim chowdhury 3 hours ago

Goose Wayne is the best batman


Jordan Appleb 3 hours ago

Christian Bale was the best batman, bring him back.


MrHakanUK 4 hours ago

Ben affleck


Spy Targaryen 5 hours ago

Affleck is fat..Batman can’t look that way never ever


조혜수 6 hours ago

I am hoping that josh hartnett will be the next Batman.


Msf101 6 hours ago

Bale's voice is f*cking atrocious though.


altaf Abdallah 7 hours ago

Ben Affleck is cool...But the real Batman is Christian Bale


MarvelPugs 7 hours ago

i like Batfleck more


Shubham Kushwaha 8 hours ago

I want to see Scott batman


Jacob Salas 9 hours ago

Origins - Bale (though I'm sure Zack didn't need to show it again, only did for the purpose of establishing pathos/arc. plot wasn't that hard to follow)
Batsuit - Affleck (uhhh? Bat logo is inspired from TDKR)
Detective Skills - Affleck
Portrayal of Bruce - Affleck
Portrayal of Batman - Affleck again, sorry but Bale's gave up. BvS Batman was trained, badass and fallen. I believe he was an amazing strategist. Don't know bout this weak writing and weak character development you're talking about.


Jainam Turakhia 10 hours ago

Bale's batman wasn't taking hits coz he was trying to be a perfect hero, he took hits coz of his own stupidity and improper planning!


Jainam Turakhia 10 hours ago

You need to do more research before you start judging. You're judging a new in town batman with a 20 year old batman. I repeat 20 year old batman, not 20 year old Bruce Wayne and yes I'm talking about Ben. There's a reason to why he was brutal and seemed inhuman..... Plz do more research. There was character development too.


Cristian Daiub 10 hours ago



Sleya Raze 10 hours ago

Lock Baleman up with Batfleck and see who wins.


Miguel Castaneda 12 hours ago

I’ve been a Batman fan since a kid and for some reason I like Ben the best out of all others idk y but never really got in to Christians version


karpaga vinayaga moorthy balasubramanian 12 hours ago

Bale actually should have won 5 - 0, is detective skills were up right and he was being human longing for love in TDKR. Bruce always was a hurt soul longing for love..Bale portrayed that well. Ben Affleck was almost mad when he heard superman say Martha which is out of character.


Rahman Istiak Ucchsas 12 hours ago

Yes You did.....

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