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Superman Cameo Confirmed For Shazam! Is Not What You Think

Published: 2 weeks ago


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The Superman cameo confirmed for Shazam! is not what you think, that’s for sure! If you’re expecting Superman in the Shazam movie, we can’t blame you for thinking that - the two do have a history and Shazam was modeled off of Superman - to the tune where DC once sued Fawcett comics for stealing the Superman character when they made Shazam. But that’s all water under the bridge now as Shazam Captain Marvel is now a DC character. What if Superman appears in the Shazam movie? Will they fight? Will it be a brief cameo? Turns out we might be asking the wrong question: the real question is will Henry Cavill be in Shazam?

If the rumors are true, then it seems Superman will be in Shazam - that’s right Superman has a cameo in Shazam - but Henry Cavill won’t play Superman in Shazam. As shocking as it seems, a report by We Got This Covered says that the Man of Steel is in Shazam! but Henry Cavill is not Superman anymore. The actor remains unnamed, but supposedly the scene won’t show Superman’s face.

Henry Cavill has made numerous statements about the DCEU, and how he’s not happy with Warner Bros nor the DCEU with the direction of the movies - including Batman v Superman and Justice League (who can blame him?) If Cavill is indeed out, and Shazam is the hit that its projected to be, then the DCEU needs a new Superman quickly. We may be in the middle of a soft reboot for DC movies - Ben Affleck is out as Batman, and maybe Henry Cavill is out as Superman.

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Looper 2 weeks ago

Shazam looks pretty great, eh?


0MohawkWarrior0 1 day ago

Shazam looks dumb. It seems DC is completely mischaracterizing yet another character. DC can't stop screwing up.


Travis Schiffer 7 days ago

Ok if this is a lie !!! And if not WB about bye bye


Julian Dino 1 week ago

Cavill is the only superman.. i dont see any replacement..


Mike Montgomery 1 week ago

Cavill didn’t do the Shazam cameo as he was filming Mission Impossible: Fallout and unavailable to appear in Shazam.


RoyalFlashCraft 2 weeks ago

So many Superhero name Alterations

Peter Parker
Billy Batson
Bruce Banner
Wade Wilson
and of course

Ryan Reynolds


Prathmesh Tiwari 2 weeks ago

All I want is "Superman", not "Cavill".


Mohd Shan 2 weeks ago

We want cavil we want cavil


Uganda Beaver 2 weeks ago

They should have based Ben Affleck's Bat-Man after Christopher Bell's Bat-Man. If they did this we wouldn't have needed any backstory for him and they could have focused more on Superman and Lex. Also I feel like the guy who played Yellow Jacket in Antman would have been a decent Lex and way better than Jesse. I'd probably make Lex the president and have him push the people into believing Superman is evil. I'd also change Batman's motivation to go after Superman. I'd make Lex find out who Bat-Man is. He then would kill Alfred and frame Superman, saying he died because of Superman's reckless behavior. This would give Bat-Man enough reason to come out of retirement to put a stop to Superman. Long story short Bat-Man and Robin ( the cop guy from dark knight rises) would fight Superman thinking he's a bad guy until Lois shows up with proof that Lex killed Alfred. They would then go to Lexcorp and fight Lex ( wearing his battle armor) Robin would die setting him up to become red hood. And Superman would live and go on to fight Doomsday in man of steel 2


N0L1M1TS with Champions ! 2 weeks ago

Ugh...I know he’s supposed to be the Big Cheese, but this looks awful.


Kristopher Robinson 2 weeks ago

Come on cavil put on the cape you are superman can’t see anyone else as superman at this point


John Penza 2 weeks ago

Having Captain Marvel share a moment with Superman could definitely do a lot to add validity to this movie if done right. Hopefully they won't screw it up.


John Stanly 2 weeks ago

Affleck and Henry Cavill were perfect castings for Batman and Superman. Warner brothers screwed up one of them already, hopefully they manage to keep Cavil


Jack Bits 2 weeks ago

Deep thoughts: When Aquaman was first developed, was Waterhombre a possible name? 🤔


Sam Bharya 2 weeks ago

DC is great.


tkegal 2 weeks ago

No Cavill, no care! Also, in a recent interview, Jason Momoa declared that HC was absolutely returning as Superman. Let's hope he's right.


Paul Bryner 2 weeks ago

I think Cavil and Afleck are both fine, but if they're not enjoying it, I'd rather just see someone else sign on.


Mercyskull90000 2 weeks ago

I thought it was good until I saw him do the floss🤮


darkplataform 2 weeks ago

this video is so tendencius, that is why I will NEVER suscribe Looper,


shantanu drew 2 weeks ago

Shazam is going to flop.... It'll release between Captain Marvel and End Game... Holy shit.... Shazam is already a flop now

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