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The Strange Physics Behind the Smell of Rubber Bands

Published: 3 weeks ago


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If you've spent any time trying to explode a pumpkin with rubber bands you know that they have a distinct smell to them when stretched, and you have physics to thank for that.

Hosted by: Olivia Gordon

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Celestial Dragon 2 weeks ago

Now this is quality content


Cody Raskin 2 weeks ago

VERY bad explanation of entropy. the entropy of a stretched rubber band /does/ decrease. the entropy of your own body doing the work to stretch it just increased more than the entropy of the rubber band decreased, so the law isn't violated. the rubber band gets hot because you literally just did work on it and imparted a lot of polymeric friction.


Makis Makiavelis 2 weeks ago

Ah yes, the classic molecular kink rubberband - entropy paradigm.
Teaching thermodynamics to laymen since 1976.


Vitor Leão 2 weeks ago

There is static noise on the audio of this video.


Elfie Moon 2 weeks ago

No wonder my cat likes to eat rubber bands. Because of the fishy smell. I had to lock up all of my hair ties or else she'd eat them. I thought it was pica, but now I know it's just the rubber band fishy smell. Fish is her favorite flavor of cat food too. It makes perfect sense.


Keanu Bartolata 2 weeks ago

Trimethylamine seems familiar. Isn't it what Mr. White was using to make blue meth?


Goroto Jr. 2 weeks ago



Nightshade Kelly 2 weeks ago

Lol when i was a kid I was wierd and sat in a hole in my yard stretching a rubber band and pressing it on my face trying to figure out why it was hot lol. And i dug the hole lol

I sat in the hole most of the summer doing wierd things like that

I was 12


TheFirelovinmonkey 2 weeks ago

lil bit of asmr here


Luca Maria Littera 2 weeks ago

And here comes the second thumbs down to scishow ever from me. Entropy does not matter here, its symple friction.


Ruhelin 2 weeks ago

Did anyone else see the thumbnail and think they were looking at two dicks/casually placed dildos?


arupian666 3 weeks ago

Makes me happy when Olivia hosts an episode...

I think.. yeah, I think I'm starting to kinda crush on her... I think it's her glasses....


Xenro66 3 weeks ago

Applied Science made a fridge that's cooled by rubber bands.
The mechanism stretched the bands outside of the fridge, let them cool in open air for a bit then relaxed them again in the fridge. It's horribly inefficient, but such an interesting property of rubber.


Nafrost 3 weeks ago

I know it’s a popular image, but entropy is not a measure of the disorder of a system, and I expected you guys to use one of the real definitions of it, even for a small reference like in this video.


Mauro Tamm 3 weeks ago

How large of a piece of rubber band would you need to cause it to self ignite when rapidly stretched?


en6ads 3 weeks ago

You should also explain how we actually smell these odorants - quantum biology


Renée McGeough 3 weeks ago

So interesting! This is pretty cool


Edgar Arenas 3 weeks ago

The entropy of a closed system CAN decrease over time. A rubber band is a closed system.


steefan 3 weeks ago

Why my poopoo taste funny?


TheDroidBay 3 weeks ago

0:25 this entire section made me feel deeply uncomfortable. I am going for a shower to feel clean again

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