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Game Theory: Kirby...Dream Land's Biggest THREAT! pt 1

Published: 1 week ago


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Kirby is the lovable gumball that is all about friendship and saving the world. Except, he isn't. In fact I don't think Kirby cares about any of that at all! Theorists, I went back through all of the Kirby games and I started to notice that Kirby... wasn't all that heroic. He doesn't care about ANYONE or ANYTHING but himself. Don't believe me? Well, I'm about to fill you up with so much proof, you'll wish you had an appetite like Kirby!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Louis Garza
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Marc Schneider, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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The Game Theorists 1 week ago

A few thoughts...

Kirby as a child: In Dream Land 1, it's established via the manual that he's "a little boy." Sure. I get that. But it doesn't change the fact that he's still a threat to Dream Land. For him to be SO powerful and SO naive is a dangerous combination. Notice in the script I never call him evil. I don't think he has ill-intent. Just because I say he's a villain doesn't mean that he's evil or has bad intentions. I mean it as he's a THREAT. That said, I've changed the title to avoid confusion.

Regarding Dyna Blade: Him helping the children after the scene I showed doesn't change the point -- he beat up someone BEFORE learning the whole story, like I tried to make clear in the script. Seeing that scene, he beats up the mom, THEN sees the kids, gives the screen a "cha-ching" gesture and steals them away, feeds them and teaches them to fly...stuff the MOTHER should be doing but can't because she was injured. I get it: Dyna "forgives" him in Revenge of Meta Knight...the same way Landia does in Return to Dream Land, but I see that more as plot convenience because Kirby is the "good guy," or them realizing they have to fight the "true" evil. But think about Kirby;s ACTIONS...if someone just came up to you and started beating you up for no apparent cause, would YOU forgive the person? See them as a hero? Probably not. And don't forget that EVERYONE he fights along the way is in NO WAY connected to the battle between him and Dyna...they're innocents caught in the middle.

Kirby's Avalanche: In both Epic Yarn and the original Kirby's Dream Land manual (those are the ones I can think of offhand, but there might be more), Kirby actually speaks English...or something that translates to English, so I think comments throwing these lines out as invalid might be premature. Yes, the game is non-canon, which I acknowledge, but the idea that Kirby ONLY speaks "poyo" isn't necessarily true...or it can be assumed that ALL of Avalanche's lines are translated poyo.

And yes, I know Avalanche is a version of puyo was a joke. Obviously it's not a Candy Crush mod since, if nothing else, Candy Crush came DECADES later.

Kirby as a God of Destruction: That's in part 2 :)

I think that's all the major concerns I'm seeing in the comments. Like I said, I don't think he's intentionally villainous. He's a neutral agent of chaos who gets pointed in a direction and just GOES. But when you look at his actions in the games I call out, a lot of times he's doing more harm than good. Does he do good? Absolutely. But he's still a threat.


John Hatler 32 minutes ago

So he the Beerus of DragonBall


Ashfaq Yusuf 41 minutes ago

Game Creators: Finally this game will be famous

MatPat: *Explained

Game Creators: I wish MatPat’s video get demonetized


Ashfaq Yusuf 45 minutes ago

I think I should burn my favorite Kirby dress 😢


PODEPOM 1 hour ago

Well then why does Kirby help collect the crystal shards? What selfish goal does he have there? And you know he doesn't unleash any of the dark matter (except dark nebula). Zero, zero 2, dark matter from KDL2, none of them were released by Kirby, so what gives?


Jaren Draws 2 hours ago

I was raging on super smash bros cause of him


Sasquanch Squanch 3 hours ago

Sonic for hire made me think Kirby was bad many years ago.


Hamletfan 3 hours ago

"Mercy?? You expect mercy from me!?  I'M CHAOTIC NEUTRAL!!!"


Martin Verrisin 3 hours ago

idk. about the god thing, but chaotic neutral, sure.


Martin Verrisin 3 hours ago

if you always smile, acting cute, while killing everyone - I don't need a game theory to know he's a psychopath.


Martin Verrisin 3 hours ago

chaotic neutral... yeah, I agree.


Martin Verrisin 3 hours ago

I think he's a lot like Deadpool. On top of that, he just pretends to be clueless baby, to have more fun...


JiggleMePink 3 hours ago

I think most forget he’s actually a baby... and it is confirmed that he’s a baby star warrior. So clearly a baby ain’t going to have much if any understanding on what they’re doing. They’ll just do what they think is right and sometimes that isn’t actually a good thing. Like yeah he causes problems but he fixes them when told like a child would.
That tiny bit of information which actually, when you step back, makes sense for why he’s a certain way


Princess Crystalwriter 4 hours ago

WHY DO I WATCH YOU???????? You've ruined the pink blob of my preteen years.....well, Disney is more near and dear and I didn't complain then, so.....good on you MatPat.....I guess....


Matthew Forgey 4 hours ago

so are kirby and dragon ball connected if he's a god of destruction reborn


Ghostarchertube 4 hours ago

You want to know something matpat? You fail as a theorist. You fail because you automatically assume your theories are TRUE. You ALWAYS bring up the “Mario is mental” theory as if it is a FACT. Not THEORY, FACT. And due to this you fail to expand your mind to theorize otherwise. I dare you matpat, I DARE YOU TO MAKE A THEORY VIDEO ON A THEORY THAT DIRECTLY OPPOSES YOUR OWN THEORY.


Whis the foodsexual metrosexual 4 hours ago

Hakaishin Kirby


Jake Taller 5 hours ago

Could Kirby Be Related To Void Termina From Star Allies?


Joojo Eshun 5 hours ago

Kirby can't be that scary. I mean, is he not usually near those bottom tiers in most smash tier lists?


Francisco Rivera 5 hours ago

Star warrior...pssshhh more like star killer👽😈

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