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Game of Thrones X Bud Light | Official Super Bowl LIII Ad | Extended Version | HBO

Published: 2 weeks ago


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The Bud Knight’s watch has ended. What will you do #ForTheThrone?
Watch an extended version of the official Game of Thrones X Bud Light Super Bowl LIII ad.
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Timothy Hudson 11 hours ago

All this did is make me more antsy and impatient 😭


animation TV 21 hours ago



Ps Cello 22 hours ago

É fã de game of thrones? Então clica no link e sinta a emoção ❤️


deztructo123 1 day ago

i was waiting for the dragon to breath out beer


Derrick Curry 1 day ago

2 infinity make your point people will die; 2💀 make my point millions will die...


issecret1 1 day ago

I mean, doesn’t this suggest that bud light is a weak af beer?


jisatsu 2 days ago

This is the worst ad I've ever seen that I can remember


An Aroused Chiwawa 2 days ago

I’m one of those people who prefers “Mountain” Dew than Bud Light


KaiZoku MugiWara 2 days ago

A man is disappointed :/


Kristy Powell 3 days ago

Ya know what I appreciate about this commercial? The middle finger to "Brand Integrity." The Mountain can be in a tourney hosted by a random king! Drogon can burn it down without Dany and for no reason at all! Darth Vader can dance in a stage show at Disney and it doesn't have to matter! HOORAY!!


andreiemanuel89 3 days ago

1:07 . Saruman passing through


Walid Sulaiman 3 days ago

what does dilly dilly mean


Busty Barbie 3 days ago

???FUCKING SERIOUSLY??? I've waited OVER a year now!! I've read every book even the sub tales! I've purchased EVERY season, watched Every Episode online and purchased BluRay, I've subscribed to HBO cable and HBO GO, I follow and Like Every YOUTUBER talking about GOT! Its almost TWO MONTHs away and THIS is what you give your die hard fans???? It's down to two months now and I don't give two Gotdamn flying monkey shits about a Bud Light or a Bud Knight. You think the Hound would walk into a pub and order a "light" beer? Hell fucking NO, because real men don't drink "Light" Beer! So give us a REAL S8 TRAILER GOT and HBO and stop fucking with my feelings!!! UGH the anxiety!!!


Patrick Truax 3 days ago

It's still stupid


Alex Crowe 3 days ago

That was... weird


KoKoJazz99 3 days ago

0:30- LOL! My expression realizing this may be more than just another beer commercial! XD

1:02- Got Oberyn'd! Priceless! Also loving the ever so appropriate House Martell sigil in the background there too! XD


Jakk Box Creations 3 days ago

Rains of Castamere at 0:28


Camilo Andres Martinez Aldaya 3 days ago

the fuck did i just watch


CH!LL 3 days ago

Now I have to go to sleep pissed now. Thanks

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