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13 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

Published: 3 weeks ago


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13 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the 13 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe! Here are some great ways to protect your home! Want to protect your property and make sure that it is a beacon of safety and security? Well prepare to learn these tricks to stop burglary and other things to buy to keep your home safe and protected with these safety rules tips and survival ideas! On this list is security camera surveillance systems and other home security gadgets and systems! #Security #Safety #Tips

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Parker Sok-Mercier 2 days ago

My dad tricked a scammer during vacation.


The Zewp 22 3 days ago

He secure
He contain
But most importantly
He protec


Claire McConville 2 weeks ago



MsWillowbayOrelse 2 weeks ago

There are also screens that can't be cut that you can use rather than bars. They are on my wish list for when I buy a house.


Arkadyuti Sarkar 2 weeks ago

What if burglars are wa6n this video ? 😜


Ahmed Sharshar 2 weeks ago

Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa


Fluffy Unicorn 2 weeks ago

Just never leave


Vivi mannequin 2 weeks ago

I should trick people into breaking in so I'll have an excuse to bust a cap in their ass


LifesAnAdventure 2 weeks ago

Who has a house phone anymore??


Jamie Weber 2 weeks ago

If a burgler texted me i would do this "he he he he hahahahahahaha HEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" tkhey would probably think im a weirdo


Anonymous Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I like real cameras


Mr cool shades 56 2 weeks ago

I subscribed to booth channels ( the crafty and top 10)


Karen Osbak 2 weeks ago

im jovan


Hi Welcome to Chilies 2 weeks ago

Well doesn't matter now, the burglers watching this now know our tricks


chrissteene 2 weeks ago

just have a dog or 2


Rusted Skeloton Productions Entertainment 2 weeks ago

In South Africa, they would phone the home phone to confirm you are there and then break in. If there's no answer there's no more interest to invade the house because there's nobody to torture while they inside


dionisis lee 2 weeks ago

Or you can just use this brand big new can of common sense.


Arthur Kawa 2 weeks ago

my friend had a sign in her window saying beware of dog she did not have any dog the city saw the sign and ask her to take it down


LØCK 2 weeks ago

yeah no thief is gonna think of this, right?
thief watches video

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