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Michael Rapaport was SHOCKED the Giants decided to move on from Odell Beckham Jr. | UNDISPUTED

Published: 6 days ago


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Giants trade Odell to Browns for Jabrill Peppers, 1st and 3rd-round picks
Will the Giants regret up on Odell Beckham Jr.?
Shocked the Giants decided to move on from Odell Beckham Jr.?
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bodeswell35 37 minutes ago

Who gives a shit what the douche-bag has to say about anything? He's about to have his ass handed to him for threatening a 135lb school-boy for not bowing down  to a "Native American" when the same pounded his little-rain drum in the kid's face. Rapaport is a serious Hollywood-pervert...Kosher as a sardine in a can...screw him!


Jiezhang Jzmobee 48 minutes ago

M. Rapaport should have his own sports talk show, an NY teams exclusive. LOL


Johnny Cakes 5 hours ago

Rapaport got ate by a shark in Deep Blue Sea


c bass 5 hours ago

Who needs Sushi when you Wahlburgers downtown and B Spot Simon's restaurant


New York Superbowl Football Giants 5 hours ago

Skip is right.


Chamba Nairobi 5 hours ago

Hey Peyton, tell your brother to go home!


nottoday 8 hours ago

Fuck Rapaport, fucking human herpee


Benjamin Farias 11 hours ago

I hate the Giants so watching Giants fans suffer is fun to me.


KennyPeepers 11 hours ago

Mike, since you like making bold statements, here's one for you: per capita, Cleveland has a better food scene than New York City. Sure, NYC beats us on volume. We beat you a quality. So not only do your Giants suck, so does your food. Cry about that.


andy davis 13 hours ago

I like rapaport but he doesn't know wat hes talking about when it comes to our restaurants in Cleveland. We have 5 star restaurants too buddy


Brian Polzner 13 hours ago

His New York tears are delicious. "We deserve better" bahahahaha. New York doesn't deserve shit.


Marsonis2ya 13 hours ago

already went and placed my vegas bet on Cleveland to make playoffs and 2nd bet on them making (not winning) the superbowl.


Vernon Niles jr 14 hours ago

What no Shannon 2day is he hiding from Mike 4not paying him the$$$😀💪🏈


Le Tiki 15 hours ago

Odell isnt a difference maker...?? Wtfffff


Alexander Newlon 16 hours ago

Shuhei .... Best sushi in clevaland


Captain Kickass 23 hours ago

He's got the Larry bird look going


Rha Money 1 day ago

Best receiving group is Atlanta sorry there rookie 3rd string receiver put up landrys numbers last year


dee 1 day ago

Divas & Dallas are why you guys have a job, especially Skip! Otherwise you have nothing to talk about.


Steve C 1 day ago

typical New Yorker narcissism "we are the greatest city in the world we deserve a parade" its so annoying.


PwNn00bzFTW 1 day ago

you know how last year, every Chiefs game was a nation wide, primetime game? Yeah Browns gonna be on 6 Monday night games and 6 Sunday night games in!

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