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MLB | Not-So-Serious Baseball | Part 3

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Gotta stay loose during the 162 game grind.

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* I do not own any of the clips that I upload. All clips belong to Major League Baseball.
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EXE-Edits 2 weeks ago

Spring Training is just around the corner!


Malique H 16 minutes ago

can someone explain 3:37?


Trenton Bless 1 hour ago

2:22 what an insane game overall. Definitely one for the ages. Just another good moment from this game.


Matt H 12 hours ago

Mostly Cubs and Sox. We know how to have fun in Chicago.


Jackson Berger 13 hours ago

A bear hug


icychill105 15 hours ago

either the biggest cubs fan made this or no one plays as goofy as the cubs


James Rucki 15 hours ago

I don't remember the pitchers name but when I was a kid a Mets? Relief picher that was older then just about all other pitchers played catch with me while I was in some stands. Think he was 41 42 I was maybe 10 n was a catcher n had my mit. Was pretty cool to warm up a pitchers even tho I know he was throwing gently. Not much if any later I got good with catching 98mph fastballs, with a dam near meatless glove as I removed most the padding for extra speed. The trick is not to Palm catch a fastball with no padding in the glove there.


Knall Kopf 21 hours ago

5:36 ... nice one


Brady Malinowski 21 hours ago

The most relaxed sport on earth


Aya Newman 22 hours ago

if you do another one of these can you include madison bumgarner getting a walk off hit and then rejecting a gatorade bath?


I Killed Phobos 23 hours ago

Nothing to do with the video...but I'm gonna make a few simple observations that's gonna melt the fuck out of some of you snowflakes: Ever notice how baseball's average black athlete is a more well-spoken, classy, well mannered being than the NFL or NBA's black athlete?? When they speak, i dont need subtitles to follow what the fuck they're talking about. It's fuckin amazing. And also, black baseball players mostly don't feel the need to remind someone like me, a fan or supporter, of how much more "woke" they are than me (lookin at you kaepernick). Only a spoiled motherfucker with an African bush monkey afro can afford to piss people off that have never done anything but try and help him. Also, you know what they say about motherfuckers that spend too much time on thier knees.....


Jason Mo 1 day ago

Wonder if this guy is from Chicago?


Sam Holder 1 day ago

the self-gatorading is the best


Juan Diego Feldman 1 day ago



Roger Plummer 1 day ago

Gotta love the White Sox's Yolmer Sanchez dousing himself with Gatorade (8:33) and (9:23) when his teammates hit walk-off home runs!


stenbak88 1 day ago

Just boys playing a game


Christopher Garcia 1 day ago

Lol Carlos gomez


jakef620 1 day ago

Watching all these clips and more videos on this channel just makes me even more bored with being an SF Giants fan. Last season was just depressing to watch and now I just wish I'd seen a lot of the big / funny moments from other teams live


Oh K 1 day ago

“Puig and his tongue”


Brick Tamland 1 day ago

Rizzo is my spirit animal

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