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21 Savage - a lot ft. J. Cole

Published: 3 weeks ago


1,166,636 26,156

Listen to the official audio of "a lot" by 21 Savage ft. J. Cole

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Directed by: Aisultan Seitov
Production Co: Kalakala, LLC (Wear A Hat Productions and Alchemist Productions)
Producer: Yulia Safonova, Yelzhan “JanniBiss” Bissenbayev

#21savage #iamiwas #4L

(C) 2019 Slaughter Gang, LLC under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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Bluesoul g.b. 1 minute ago

How many times did i repeat Cole's verse?



zakariya farah 18 minutes ago

Me: How many girls u fucked (a lot)


Kristina Lugo 28 minutes ago

also JCole is so damn fine


Kristina Lugo 28 minutes ago

i wonder if that's his real family. i hope so


Fabez No face 34 minutes ago



Bj Adams 36 minutes ago

21savage garbage J Cole Fire tho


Zo The Proffesor 39 minutes ago

This way harder


Tmarkus Swoopes 39 minutes ago

Listen to Wify 2 by Tmarkus Swoopes #np on #SoundCloud


Message from Monnie 41 minutes ago

I swear every time J. Cole gets on any song he makes it better. Rhapsody is the only person I felt gave him a run for his money. Drake on "In the Morning" too.


Javonta Jennings 46 minutes ago

hit me up for a ft i am trying to blow😐😐😐😐


Leanndra Diehl 49 minutes ago

How many times I'm gonna listen to this song alot !


Fredo Santana 50 minutes ago

British version

How many times have you queued? - A lot
How many Nandos pursued? - A lot
How many pardons you begged...
when people were being too rude? - A lot
How many days you complain? - A lot
Complaining of weather again? - A lot
Amber alert on the news
How Many more days of rain? - A lot
How many more cups of tea? - A lot
Starting your day off with 3 - A lot
How many promises made? - A lot
ending with "we will see" - A lot

Trips to ASDA unplanned? - A lot
How many foods you buy canned? - A lot
Self checkouts again?
How many items u scanned? (umm)
How many items u stole? - A lot
How many times u got caught? - A lot
How many times you said sorry for bumping somebody
& not being at fault? - A lot
How many times u moaned? - A lot
"This item wont scan for me!"
How many times will you laugh & tell the cashier "That means its all free!"  -


Whystop 51 minutes ago

there are a lot of comments.


Lee sin Bêta 52 minutes ago

How Many girlfriends i got

A lot

But in real life None 😥


jada davis 53 minutes ago

I wonder if the people in the video have English accents ..


Lil Tee 56 minutes ago



Chloe B 59 minutes ago

Some niggas make millions, other niggas make memes.


kelvin lyte 60 minutes ago

Not even a fan of 21..... If u don't like this song F#%k u!!!!!!!!

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