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The Truth About MSG and Your Health

Published: 4 weeks ago


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MSG, or monosodium glutamate, got a bad rap in the 1960s when people started complaining of "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome," but that bad reputation was fueled more by xenophobia than science. Turns out, it's just delicious.

Hosted by: Stefan Chin

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CeltKnight 8 hours ago

My take on this: If I really love the way something tastes and my body seems to really want me to ingest it, then it's good for me. I'll be sittin' here with a Guiness and some nachos if anyone wants me. :)


telesohbet 11 hours ago

With my migraine, I am a canary in the cave, and MSG is its biggest trigger, it is definitely is a NEUROTOXIN.


Rufus Bayne 13 hours ago

I had a friend in college who swore she was allergic to MSG. How can you be allergic to something that exist inside your body naturally?


Surfer Rosa 15 hours ago

I'm Team Umami 💚🥘🍜💚


A.B. Freeman 16 hours ago

I have to disagree with the blanket premise that msg is harmless. My body reacts badly EVERY time I eat stuff containing high levels of glutamate. I instantly feel like bugs are crawling on my face. I get red. I itch. My heart starts slamming in my chest. My legs swell. I have insomnia that night, etc.


TacoTacoTacoTaco 1 day ago

When I make San Diego crack wings aka dalt and pepper wings, I can't tell people I put msg in it. They freak the F out and won't even try it. But if I don't tell them, they pig out.


MrFreeGman 1 day ago

So everyone who reports negative symptoms when they eat MSG is just secretly racist against Chinese people? Wow real scientific.


Dirty Wash 1 day ago

"Yea I dont enjoy drinking this salty water"

Scientist: IntErEstInG!!


natrullan1 1 day ago

My mom and some of my friends gets headaches every time the food has MSG. We don't even know about- chinese food syndrome, racist undertones views etc...sometimes she eats stuff then gets a migraine, and finding out AFTER that the thing she ate had MSG on the label. Some people DO have a reaction to it. ..and we're asian.


just the tip? band 1 day ago

its addictive like crack or sugar! both i ate straight as a child. not the crack tho😂🍻


Amabex Hernandez 2 days ago

MSG lovers propaganda. But can deny it... i love myself a Mac Sandwich filled with lab produced goodness for my brain 🧠 🥴


Jaded Cynic 2 days ago

No carb/sugar rush from healthy food.


Naomi Ann Wennerholm 2 days ago

MSG is no laughing matter their are people who are actually allergic to it. I am one of them Plus the Form of MSG to that is added to food is not the natural version it is a synthetic modified version that causes all kinds of problems. With me It made me through up along with intense diarrhea making me really sick along with headaches and organ pain wound up the hospital for a week suffered organ damage what be repaired was what they could not I lost. I remember that catscan they did on me the doctors and techs were digusted. They every ran a battery of tests from what they removed.

Plus one of the Hospital Staff at the hospital was a family friend anyway she told me that absolutely no food with MSG is allowed because so many people are allergic some more so than others. She even said that they have had people die from the stuff because they were so allergic. Thus the ban.


Steve Silver 2 days ago

My understanding is that consumption of MSG and table salt should be limited due to the sodium content, which is linked to high blood pressure. I'm curious why this wasn't addressed in the video.


Matt Rahme 2 days ago

Umami isn't just MSG. From my understanding you need certain nucleotides in combination with MSG to trigger the receptors on your tongue.


BA C 2 days ago

Lots of people who love East Asians get headaches & other side effects after consuming MSG. I get optical migraines, something I didn't know existed until after I had one and only happens when I eat extremely high concentrations of MSG. Even though glutamate is something we need, artificial MSG may have detrimental affects due to how it is produced. This is probably more notable for people who didn't grow up with the compound in that form and whose bodies can't seem to adjust to it as adults.


禄Abby 2 days ago

The reason you don’t feel right after take-out is the insane amount of sodium and carbs you consume at once, nothing to do with MSG


rai ofSun 3 days ago

I don't know much about how bad MSG for health, I just listen to my body. After food with MSG I usually get extremely thirsty even after drinking good amount of water and headache too. I try eliminate it from my diet but I still go for that food from time to time because it's so tasty.


pokemonmanic3595 3 days ago

I’m Chinese; I’ll never forget the time my grandpa told me: “Always use MSG. MSG very good, you cannot make food without MSG.”


Tristan Band 3 days ago

Racism is part of it people, Adam Ruins Everything. In any case, in defiance of this I encourage a culinary movement: Cooking with MSG.

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