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Top 10 Dead or Alive Characters

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Top 10 Dead or Alive Characters
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We'd rather meet these fighters in a game of volleyball! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Dead or Alive Characters! In this video we'll be looking at characters from throughout this lengthy fighting game series just in time for Dead or Alive 6!

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List Entries and Rank:
10. Bayman
9. Helena Douglas
8. Mila
7. Leifang
6. Tina Armstrong
5. Christie
4. Ryu Hayabusa
3. Ayane
3, 2 & 1: ???

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Kurai Kirie 2 hours ago

Lie Fang, Ai yan, Rai yu Hayabusa literally cringing the hardest lol


あ あ 3 hours ago

honoka is the best


Nariman Temirbekov 6 hours ago

Zack is the best fighter in ZA WARUDA!!!


SCORPZGCA 7 hours ago

Jan-Lee is the best character


Han 11 hours ago

Anybody actually like this series? It's just more lewd tekken without the cool characters


Nguyễn Hải Dương 11 hours ago

I expect Kasumi to be #1
Also the Spanish Inquisition.


Nate Whitehurst 12 hours ago

Ryu is pronounced


Nate Whitehurst 12 hours ago

1 has to be Kasumi


Rio Daffa 14 hours ago

Mila,Tina,Christie,Bayman and Hayabusa are my favorite


Fernando Burquez 15 hours ago

Kokoro should be in the top 10


Angel Grande 15 hours ago

Hitomi! Fuck yeah!!! ❤️👌🏻


Angel Grande 15 hours ago

Mila sucks


Christopher Quick 15 hours ago

Stay in your platform of social Kardashian gossip mojo. This is not your territory.


Alex Diaz 17 hours ago

Kokoro will always be my main and my waifu.


Balnazzardi 21 hours ago

My top 10:

1.Helena (The one and only Queen/Goddess of DoA)
2. Tina (sexiest)
3. Lisa (most colorful costumes)
4. Hitomi (cutest along with Marie
5. Christie (Ultimate Femme Fatale)
6. Mila ( beautiful tomboy)
7. Marie Rose ( cutest along with Hitomi)
8. Ayane (really like her character model/clothes in DoA 6)
9. Kasumi (Cant hate The "mascot" of the franchise)
10. All the rest


Isaías Ledesma Plaza 21 hours ago

Mila is a Spanish character as me.


Leyraud Brown 22 hours ago

You mfs don’t even take the time to get their name’s right. Why should we even believe this bullshit list? And kasumi is soooooooooooooo predictable. Ryu ain’t even my fave character of the series and we all know he’s the goat in every way possible.

Sb: kasumi isn’t difficult to master. She’s beginner friendly for a reason. She’s also one of the few character you can use in a variety f ways and be considered a “master” of the character.


Hortissimo 23 hours ago

Pronounces Ninja Gaiden correctly.... Pronounces Ryu Hayabusa incorrectly facepalm


Connor solid 1 day ago

Hitomi my favorite character as voice Yui Horie


xdonotenterx 2 days ago

When you know nothing about a game but still make a Top 10

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