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Tips That May Save Your Life One Day

Published: 1 month ago


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Tips That May Save Your Life One Day
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the Tips That May Save Your Life One Day! Going camping with your family or out into the wilderness? You'll need to know these survival tips and tricks that could one day save your life or another person's life! These safety rules are great for extreme conditions and show some tactics only professionals know about!

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Top 10s 1 month ago

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game room sfm music irl vids 2 4 weeks ago

O m god god thanks Charlie om god god it's charlie


Karin McGee 1 month ago

Miscoitos are vary dongrous


Rick 1 month ago

Charlie some of your info in bites especially snake ID is incorrect. Maybe get a little more info and revise??
For example IDing snakes by the shape of their pupil's. There are venomous and non-venomous snakes that have both round and slited pupil's so this is a very dangerous way for someone with no knowledge of snakes to try and figure out what snake is dangerous or not.


Zenaida Perez 1 month ago

Thank you so much for making these videos the best


T j 1 month ago



Nathan Holt 1 month ago

Here i need to be extra cautious with spiders as there a large numbers of dangerous ones around i.e “red backs”
I think the general advice on spider bites here particularly if you either don’t see the spider or its one thats not as easy to identify like say the red back to at the very least keep an eye on it and definitely see a doctor if you start feeling off.
We also have a number of those tiny venomous spiders so even more reason to be careful.

I feel really sorry for those tradies working in the raised houses as the crawl space tends to end up riddled with the more dangerous ones. Or roofs i know there are alot of spiders in ours “idk composition but it probably has a few red backs going by how often they turn up in the shed and other places”.
Only place they really get to me is when a spider turns up around my bed or the bath. that gets them sprayed quick smart.


Sarahlovee 1 month ago

You forgot to add you should probably used unscented/flavored chapstick...some of the stuff they use can burn like a bitch...if your chapstick says 'dont use on dry or cracked lips' it's not good for this.


MR.laith musallam 1 month ago

Tip to save your hand don't press read more

Now you have to like


David Shields 1 month ago

3:20 know your rights kids


Dj Spaulding 1 month ago

You can't tell if a snake is venomous by its eyes (for ex. Cobras have round pupils and they are deadly) Cat like pupils only means the animal is nocturnal so be careful of all snakes and don't assume it's nonvenemous by it's looks.


Mark Oppa 1 month ago

Is this bright side?


comentakeit2 1 month ago

Snake bites, what about coral snakes, they are very venomous but they don’t have fangs. In that case, remember, Red & yellow kill a fellow ( if the red & yellow touch on the snake, it’s a poisonous ☠️ coral snake 🐍).


Mansoor Al khouri 1 month ago

I already knew about the snake


Lora Vipperman 1 month ago

Remember The Rule of Three:
You can survive...
*3 minutes without air
*3 hours without shelter
*3 days without water
*3 weeks without food
These are of course not exacts, just good estimates that are easy to remember and follow if you ever get in a predicament.👍


WeAreVR 1 month ago

Thanks for the spiders before Bed Charlie lol


Shadow Star 1 month ago

Spiders aren't poisonous, they're only venomous. Snakes can be both, but are usually venomous.

Great video apart from that :)


Mandy Coplen 1 month ago

Fiddle back spider bites feels like a pin prick, then comes to a head that won't pop


joseph roman 1 month ago

Who else answered the riddle for the thumbnail before clicking


Christy B 1 month ago

Great info!! Thanks❤

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