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20 Terrifying Things Found Deep Underwater

Published: 2 weeks ago


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The ocean is a deep, dark, and mysterious place. We might think we know a lot about it, but in fact only about five percent of the ocean's seafloor has been mapped. You won't believe what we actually found in the deep sea!

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When you take into consideration that the ocean occupies around 70 percent of the earth's surface, that leaves a huge 65 percent of the world that we're still unsure about. More men have stepped on the surface of the moon than have dived into the depths of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. But luckily, most of our experiences with the ocean are positive ones. We can swim in the sea, wander across the shore, or sunbathe on the beach and watch the waves lap against the sand. Or, we can take exploratory trips into the water to look for special animals, we can use jet skis and speedboats to make the most of the water's free spirit, or we can simply go for a relaxing paddle. But there's a darker side to the ocean that we try not to think about. The further down into the water you go, the less we know about what to expect down there. With conditions unlike anywhere else on earth, only the toughest creatures can survive. Some of them are harmless, but some of them are dangerous. Scientists have dedicated years of research into discovering this previously-unknown portion of the world but not all of it has been successful. But some of what they have found over the years has forced them to think twice about everything we know. Before you start thinking that these experts are just lazy, you need to take into account just how severely different the pressure and atmosphere is once you're below sea level. Surroundings can be incredibly dangerous so only the bravest venture down into the unknown.

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TheRichest 2 weeks ago

Would you dare swim in these parts of the Earth with a friend?


Bradley Duke 3 hours ago

Just wanna start by saying I love TheRichest. Been watching for a long time, now. That being said, can we take it easy with the background music? There were parts of the video I couldn't even hear because you guys had the background music louder than the voice. Is this a music video or an educational video?


Michael Von Stukahausen 5 days ago

Lol, what's crazy is people still think we went to the moon.


Albiona Aliu 7 days ago

these videos are very well made


Elsy Galeas 1 week ago

UR THE BEST😀👍👍👍👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟


troy lenz 1 week ago

Thank you for not using the metric system. It's so much easier for me when you use miles and feet. Thanks again.😀


Zantagiro7 1 week ago

the greatest surprise to disbelievers that ALLAH / GOD indeed created all these creatures! we know because it was revealed to us!


Kendall Bergstrom 1 week ago

Not even going to mention the most interesting and horrifying thing about the goblin shark?


AMDA ONE 1 week ago

oh yeah yeah


Let’s Talk 1 week ago

Nothing big is the marina trench because there’s nothing for it to eat


Top Hacking gaming 1 week ago



Fandom Central 1 week ago

Look I just wanna know if mermaids exist.


AI MOON 1 week ago

Blob fish is just cute.


Luís Baião 2 weeks ago

If this is scary, imagine what is living in the most deepest parts of the ocean, the kraken? leviathan? Only God knows... But fun fan indeed if any camera or man finds the kraken or even worst the leviathan, face to face there will be no time to even get scared, death will be much quicker.


Rackeem Nichol 2 weeks ago



Summerbaby 1986 2 weeks ago

The blowfish is not creepy or scary. It's my favorite fish and I think there beautiful.


scootdog mcginty 2 weeks ago

The GOLF of mexico eh! Is that where you find the Tiger (Woods) shark......


kiera lambert 2 weeks ago

Guys mermaids are real they just don't look like the ones in movies there are tons of them that are washed up and have died go on Google images


Frost Rusher 2 weeks ago

Creatures normal ppl can’t possibly find


Connor Hawkins 2 weeks ago

Morale of the story, stay on land.

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