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Kingdom Hearts 3 (dunkview)

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Finally, the conclusion to the saga. Except not really.

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Jareem Shebar 4 hours ago



Nelson Augustus 5 hours ago

Glad to see im not the only one who thought it was boring and trash. Wasted 60 bucks on this. Resident evil 2 was 10x better


jakeb O'Donnell 7 hours ago

Anime is as cancer as Donald's voice


Shapiro Ghostemane 8 hours ago



Rewrs 9 hours ago

Watch a video of the timeline of the game and it will all make sense. I have 97 hours in the game and i can say im not bored at all. Game of


Wyatt Brown 9 hours ago

Maybe if you actually learned the story before you played the game you'd understand. It's not square enixs fault you're clueless on the story.


Lemonaide 9 hours ago

I definitely agree with some of these points but I'm so crippled with nostalgia that I still loved this game


R T 9 hours ago

goes to Antarctica
This might be a good spot to find some ingredients


Mr. Onii-Chan 9 hours ago

I have to say, the beginning of the video is very good. Not only is it a nice celebration of how far video games have come over the years, but it is also a representation of what little progress Kingdom Hearts has actually made over the years.

People will make excuses for the franchise, a franchise i love by the way, I even bought the collection just because It's been fairly long since my last Kingdom Hearts Game. The old games did not hold up to the over the passage of time, but looking back on KH, KH2, Birth By Sleep, ect. They were good for the hardware they were running on. Now?

The game is prettier, polished and more animated than ever. And thats it.

The Overarching story? Rushed to their conclusions.
Exploring? Fun but unrewarding
Music? Very good ngl
Overall: A disappointing end to the Dark Seeker Saga.

The fans praise it to high heaver, refusing to let the game grow up with the times. None of the main characters are 'characters'. And the side characters who do show progression are shafted or removed entirely. The whole subplot of Kiari, finally being useful and perhaps do something worthwhile, wasted. THE WHOLE CAST IS WASTED ON JUST SORA, DONALD AND GOOFY.

I hope things change drastically in the sequel. It's time to pull away the nostalgia glasses, and hope that Square Enix changes Kingdom hearts for the better. They have a gameplay foundation, but what they lack is proper story telling and satisfying pacing to make KHs feel more of a game, then a slog.


James Tran 10 hours ago

If you think about it kingdom hearts 3 is just a shitty version of the Stanford Marshmellow experiment


stupidmonkeywing 10 hours ago

i think disney may have had too much influence on this one, it feels so childish and mindless. sad life. I hope they drop the disney shit since its obviuosly so irrelevent to the story now. Disney ruining everything they touch =/


SerKikoSmore 11 hours ago

preach brother


Juanmanuel Padilla 11 hours ago

I actually enjoyed the game a lot but some of the points Dunkey pointed out are true like the robotic dialogue and the anime sounds (this came from a guy who likes anime). I give this game a 4.8/5 with a side of Spaghetti and Meatballs.


D V K 12 hours ago

If you have played all the games kingdom hearts is really not hard to understand, its just the meme that the games are conveluted


Arlo Steiner 13 hours ago

Kingdom Hearts was a nice one off. Looking at it's premise now anyone over 14 is too old for it and anyone under isn't going to get the stupidly complex plot


Shiny Gengar 13 hours ago

They literally lured the hunger of nostalgic fans to buy this shit game. This makes me feel some type of way about anything Square related in the future


Cam Valadez 13 hours ago



Tristan Coles 13 hours ago

Is anybody else extremely impressed with how they created an amazing game which probably wouldn't be so hated if everyone's expectations weren't so high? Seriously, this game was insanely good, from combat to flow to story.. And the ending made sense. Sora always cared about others more than himself, and to save so many lives there had to be a huge sacrifice. Every Kingdom Hearts game has a bittersweet ending, just look at 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep. Sure, there were flaws. But every game in the franchise has them, and I consider this game as much a masterpiece as the others.

Although I will still admit, Kairi and Sora not getting their ending is extremely unsatisfying. I totally cried seeing all my favorite characters get their happy ending except for the two who we waited for the most..

Finally, of course the dialogue was cringy. We're all older now.. It's exactly how it used to be in the old games. Look them up.


jx592 13 hours ago

Your obviously reviewing CrackDunk 3?


jx592 13 hours ago

The only 13 vessels i know are the ones in my head about to burst trying to keep up

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