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American Horror Story Characters Who Are Based On Real People

Published: 2 weeks ago


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American Horror Story can be horrifying, and it's made even more chilling when you consider that many of the villains and victims across its various stories are drawn from the real-life crimes, both solved and unsolved, that populate American history.

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The Black Dahlia | 0:14
Kit and Alma Walker | 1:19
Madame Delphine LaLaurie | 2:33
Marie Laveau | 3:47
Pepper | 4:51
Dot and Bette Tattler | 6:06
James March | 7:21
The Devil's Night dinner party | 8:21
Tomasyn White | 9:16
Valerie Solanas | 10:26
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Johannes Stach 9 hours ago

Ich habe es auf eigene Leibe arlebt und keine Farbe an Banken.


Tom Wagner 4 days ago

Wow, that was dull.


Pam Wilkinson 4 days ago

Madame delphine lalaurine was actually the most prettiest person in town and most respected


Den Alien Grey 6 days ago

Tate Langdon (or rather, his killing spree at the school) was inspired by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine Killers.


4pink0mermaid 6 days ago

jeffrey dahmer killed 17 men. not "almost 11" ...? wtf. facts r wrong


Ayden Harmon 7 days ago

My last name is Harmon


Alyssa Wilson 1 week ago

They died a few days apart?...geez, imagine having your dead sibling connected to you for days 😵😵😵😰😰😰


Itsa me Amalee 1 week ago

You forgot the zodiac from devils night


Shasmeen Muhammad 1 week ago

Their slaves it’s all not human they weren’t workers they were victims of violence capture and racism what you mean workers or the two. Was outraged !! What not at the slavery ? But her behavior get outta here


Gabriëla van Leeuwen 1 week ago

“Dying a few days apart” damn can you imagine that for the poor widow twin


Gabriëla van Leeuwen 1 week ago

Best show ever


Lauren Kelly Vinette 1 week ago

I like to believe that H.H Holmes hotel of horrors burnt down prior to opening because the souls of the people he murdered didn't want their final resting place to be a tourist attraction.


Josue Flores 2 weeks ago

What up with the ads? I felt i was watching regular tv. 11 min sketch and 20 mins of ads.


Hannah Terry 2 weeks ago

Anyone wanna be YouTube friends?


Nightwalker 4202 2 weeks ago

The Countess in Hotel was based on Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian noblewoman known for torturing, killing and drinking the blood of young peasant girls.


Trevor Dishaw 2 weeks ago

One of us! One of us!

I’m fascinated by Holmes. I especially like the theory that he was Jack the Ripper.


Sandra Weilbrenner 2 weeks ago

Bette and dot were based on the hilton sisters not the hensel sisters. The hilton sisters were a circus act


Jazzy Wolf 2 weeks ago

Elizabeth Short in the show wasn't going to a dental appointment she was getting a illegal abortion. It is one of the theories about why she was really killed. That it was a abortion gone wrong.


Adam French 2 weeks ago

You forgot the axe man. He was real.


Daniel Bolejack 2 weeks ago

Roanoke Island and Colony were in North Carolina, not Virginia. FYI

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