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Paul George Gets Sick Of James Harden Then Shocks Entire Rockets With Russell Westbrook!

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Tim Rich 4 days ago

James Harden and defense doesn't get along


Dtx 4 days ago



RCGshakenbake 5 days ago

2:36 garbage play. The only reason Harden is doing this is because he keeps getting away with it.


Mike Honcho 5 days ago

Never liked harden. Never will. He can move and dribble. So tf what that's required In basketball lmao. Anyone with eyes knows he needs fouls.

I hate OKC and Westbrook's personality but watched their games because of Westbrooka game and even more when they got PG.


Christopher Refusal 5 days ago

Fucking lame ass wussies


STS Tech 5 days ago

Harden is a smart player to draw so many fouls.

That's classic basketball. Free throws are a key part of the game.

Complaing about it shows a lack of basic knowledge of the game.


Reyes Fargas 5 days ago

Harden is the king of push off


Sonny Bill 5 days ago

To be fair, James Hardens favourite game is Soccer 🤭


Syte Jackson 5 days ago

I have absolutely no respect for Harden's game..just hard to watch this dude run the clock down, shoot, then expect a foul


BIG SIMPIN 5 days ago

@2:36 WESTBROOK a glad Refs didnt call that FLOP..thats all he do..FLOP his butt off..stop CALLING THAT CRAP


TrackaddictsLLC 6 days ago

Harden is a clown


Mark Young 6 days ago

Down 20 pts hahahaha


C5V2Hunter 6 days ago

Harden a fuckboy


Foster Kid 6 days ago

Anybody know when Clint capela returns? Because soon their gonna have 2 really good big men on the floor.


Zoodie 6 days ago

Fuck this useless ass boring video


Xavier Beach 6 days ago

Glad Metta World Peace isn't guarding Harden. He might foul out just by looking at him at this pace.


Fragotron McFarland 6 days ago

Reading these comments, and wow, fucking idiots follow the NBA..


The.Richest.Chigga 6 days ago

Why does it say Ching Chong on their jerseys?


natalie Lakers 6 days ago

sick of his flopping its getting old that everyone is recognizing it; even his momma lol fr tho all the players know his damn game hes going to need to come up with something new already dumb mf


elsky mcgrady 6 days ago

Fking weak ass player harden is,always looking for the ref to give him the free throws,that is not what you call talent at all.i’m so sick of his plays!NBA should do something to stop this flopper!!

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