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The Shining Changed Horror Movies And No One Even Noticed

Published: 2 weeks ago


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From its ingenious sound design to a limited use of gore to Jack Nicholson's iconic portrayal of Jack Torrance, The Shining left a permanent mark on horror. Here's how The Shining changed horror movies forever...and ever...and ever.

#TheShining #StanleyKubrick

Out of the shadows, into the light | 0:13
Sound and silence | 1:19
A high quality production | 2:25
Horror allegory | 3:13
Trope changer | 4:30
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Looper 2 weeks ago

What is your opinion of The Shining? We kinda feel that if you are a huge horror fan you think it's okay, but if you're just a casual horror fan you think it's terrific and scary. There seems to be a divide. Do you think?


Kyle Shiflet 2 weeks ago

My favorite movie of all time


Adam Mohammed 2 weeks ago

The reasons that made this story great is also the reasons why Stephen King hated this movie.

It took away from the way the original story was told.


Robert Lipski 2 weeks ago

The Shining is one of the best movies ever, not just horror.


kaduzy 2 weeks ago

How do you morons figure that nobody noticed? This is a classic movie, not just some B-movie no one's ever heard of.


Bryce Courtney 2 weeks ago

The Shining includes a confession about how Kubrick directed the fake moon landing. Watch Room 237.


Mariano Felan 2 weeks ago

This movie made me wanna be a Writer


dz00ka 2 weeks ago

"The Shining Changed Horror Movies And No One Even Noticed" - Looper Logic in 2019 and it's exactly why this channel has gone down the shitter lol


Coco DollNPopCollector 2 weeks ago

but...didn’t he also traumatize Shelly Duvall in making this movie?


Karen Fahel 2 weeks ago

My younger brother suffered from depression for most of his young life, finally taking his life when he was 21. In his early teens we finally got The Movie Channel, and "The Shining" came on. My brother became obsessed with the movie, watching it every single chance he got (always turning his head during the bath tub scene; I tried to catch him once, there was no way he knew I was there, and he still turned his head). One time our older sister asked him what his fascination of the movie was from: was it the effects? the Horror? the cinematography? What? My brother simply answered, "The little boy got away." After my brother died, I took my copy of the book, and my sister took his copy, and we both wrote in the inside cover, "The boy got away."


Tony Stark 2 weeks ago

Shining, silence of the lambs, and scream my 3 favorite horror movies!


Tony Stark 2 weeks ago

The shining is one of the best horror movies of all time!

Correction: one of the best movies of all time!


Lukey Spooky 2 weeks ago

Every time I watch the end it gives me the chills


Derek Kirk 2 weeks ago

So sad that Stephen king hates such a master piece. He won't get to see the movie through a fans eyes.


Nick The First 2 weeks ago

The title makes no sense I feel like almost every one knows The Shining is a very big part of horror like The No One Even Noticed in the title is so wrong. for sure a lot of people know The Shining is a massive part of horror


nikshmenga 2 weeks ago

A Great film by a great director but is it a really scary "Horror Movie"? It could easily be classified as anything from murder/ mystery/thriller.


areasevenpro 2 weeks ago

"A creator who hates his own creation. A hidden key: a leap not taken. Retrace your steps, escape your past. And the key of Jade will be yours at last."


Richard Sangeleer 2 weeks ago

The only monsters that work when brought into the light are humans & ghosts.


Joshua Hammond 2 weeks ago

The Shining stinks on ice.


H2N 2 weeks ago

Top 3 Favorite Movie, and definitely my favorite horror movie

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