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Top 10 Moments In Anime That Backfired Horribly (ft. Todd Haberkorn)

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Top 10 Moments In Anime That Backfired Horribly
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Well, that couldn’t have gone worse. Today anime voice actor GOD, Todd Haberkorn will be looking at shows like Chio's School Road, Digimon Tamers, The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments, Pokemon: Jirachi Wishmaker, Berserk, Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.0 and 3.0, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, Devilman Crybaby, and more to see which of these screw-ups and fails are the funniest or most horrifying. Expect the likes of All Might, Ash, and Eren to appear along the way!

#Anime #MyHeroAcademia #DragonBall

#10. Chio’s Bridge Stunt
#9. Forcing Guilmon to Digivolve
#8. Let’s Summon an Angel!
#7. Evil Groudon
#6. Plotting Against Griffith
#5. Shinji Tries to be a Hero
#4. Reiner Reveals His True Identity
#3. Letting Cell Achieve His Perfect Form
#2. Kidnapping Bakugo
#1. Miki Makes the Worst Instagram Post of All Time

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Maytal Acedo 12 hours ago

Well that's life.


Jasmine 2 days ago

number 10 doesnt belong on the list if u ask me...


Dank Memer 2 days ago

When Thanos tried to make shaggy disappear by snapping.


Tomás Molina 4 days ago

More like "Top 10 D**k Moves in Anime."


Michael Jacobs 5 days ago



John Doe 5 days ago

I would actually argue that Krillin destroying the self destruct button was way WAY dumber than Vegeta. A: Because Vegeta didn't know that Bulma had built the switch so he could not have stopped him. B: Because Krillin is jeopardizing literally all of humanity just so he can bang 18.
And C: Even if you want to say he did it to try and save her life... DRAGON BALLS!!! Just destroy her so Cell can reach his final form and resurrect her as a human once he's dead. You know that very thing he did after Gohan killed Cell!


Maddie Lps 6 days ago

IDK why but this guy sounds like hikaru and kaoru from Ouran high school host club. Just me? 😂😂😂


The Dragon Authority 6 days ago

Wow! A watchmojo anime countdown that doesn't have dragonball z at number 1. It's a miracle.


ShDw Starfruit 7 days ago

it's kinda awesome that he doesn't sound very much like the characters he plays, but you can just tell it's him


J Dawg the Gamer 1 week ago

Can we talk about that musical piece that plays when Shinji takes on Zeruel (pre-berserk-Mode, of course)? The one piece that seemingly can’t be found anywhere in the soundtrack or anywhere else online aside from clips of that scene?


enigmabloom 1 week ago

No Code Geass and the massacre princess? Come on...


Johan Liebert 1 week ago



DICDAC DOE 1 week ago

I mean reiner was having a mental breakdown at the time


Songbird Rebel 1 week ago

#10 is an anime's example of Game Transfer Phenomenon (GTP)
#1 is so heartbreaking since she was only trying to make a world a better place


Noob lv. 9000 1 week ago

I swear if I don't see jiraiya on this

Never mind, finished video, but I'm disappointed


Dorugoramon 0 1 week ago

I would say Guilmon should be higher up there there. Megidramon almost destroyed an entire universe by existing.


Carson Tetric 1 week ago

How about Ling letting Greed take control.


Francisco Ancer Gómez 1 week ago

Kidnapping Bakugou was the worst idea ever.
First: no one would want to work with someone who just kidnapped them. Bakugou's reaction to fight was the only logical solution.
Second: it uses way too many people, it would have been smarter to just send a clone of Mr. Compress.


Alex FRD 1 week ago

Humanity deserved extinction in DMCB.


MGAlter 1 week ago

what about princess massacre from code geass? How did that not even cross your minds? Come on guys!!!

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