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Why Captain Marvel Blew Everyone Away At The Box Office

Published: 6 days ago


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Captain Marvel blasted into theaters over its opening weekend with an astonishing domestic haul of over $150 million in ticket sales. Adding global receipts bumped that figure to a staggering $455 million, making it the sixth-highest global debut of all time.

While those numbers are impressive, when you step back and consider why the film did so well, it all comes into focus pretty quickly. From its impact on larger MCU storylines to some background on who Captain Marvel actually is, here are some of the top reasons that Carol Danvers' debut flew away with the box office. Spoilers ahead!

The elephant in the room for all things Marvel right now is Avengers: Endgame. Coming off last spring's anxiety-inducing third Avengers installment, at least half of the population is dying to see what happens next. The pent-up demand for Endgame has lent a boost to the Marvel movies that came out in the interim. Ant-Man and the Wasp pulled in a neat $617 million worldwide and Captain Marvel has made over two thirds that total in its first few days of release. While there are a ton of different factors for Captain Marvel's success, the backdrop of Endgame looming a mere seven weeks after its release date surely helped the movie soar to blockbuster heights.

keep watching to learn more about why Captain Marvel blew everyone away at the box office!

Endgame waiting game | 0:36
Answering big questions | 1:12
Captain Marvel who? | 1:57
'90s Nostalgia | 2:35
A long winter | 3:14
Knowledge beckons | 4:01
Who's a Skrull? | 4:46
Nicholas Joseph Fury | 5:52
Origin-al | 7:00
An eye to the future | 8:10
A Marvel-ous first | 8:51
Marvel-ous momentum | 9:25
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Looper 6 days ago

What do you think was the number 1 factor in Captain Marvel's success?


Harold Vazquez 3 hours ago

Thats a lie siiiiiiir


ConspiracyKill Happens 4 hours ago



henry rivera 5 hours ago

Marvel was corny it reminds me of the Batman and robin film


Donald Maroschek 5 hours ago

And with this review i have lost faith in looper. I couldn't even finish it(the review). I don't see how anyone that spends time reviewing marvel movies could call this shitshow a success. There wasn't a truthful point in this video.


Bignose bill 6 hours ago

Weren't many people watching when i was there this is BS NOT A GOOD MOVIE


synapticflow 6 hours ago

What? LOL


Brandon Playz 7 hours ago

Thanos is a skrull


Cynation Tv 8 hours ago

Who was blown away? Not me.


kjkuouiojiuyh 9 hours ago

How do you not mention Monica Rambeau?


George Cadenas 9 hours ago

1) It opened in all major markets at once.

2) The name Marvel.

3) Avengers: Endgame comes after.


Goran A. 9 hours ago

Protip : It didn't.


Korwind 11 hours ago

Omg! The movie was not a full blown success it’s bad. To be clear not bad as in it lost money, it’s marvel for crying out loud. It is the worst marvel movie to date and the only reason it made money is EVERYONE else in MCU and ENDGAME. I see more positive reviews of the damn cat than Brie hold my bear I am gonna upset the fandom Larson!


PLUSHY 13 hours ago

There wasn't many people when I went in which was surprising.


mj k 13 hours ago

except that it didn't.. because Disney bought a shitload of tickets ...and your channel ?


Picropideng 13 hours ago

Those empty theatres, aggressive marketing and manipulation of the movie ratings blew us all away


johnbauer007 14 hours ago

yes.. a very good movie... i can't wait to see the avengers next... awesome


DIMENSION X 15 hours ago

I watched the movie, and it was as dry & predictable as a 1985 cartoon. Larson was also dry & stoic through the whole thing, and this was only the 2nd Marvel movie I ever fell asleep on. Antman & Wasp was the first.

Also, reports & photos of empty theatres belie the HUGE HAUL & PACKED THEATERS as rumors now build of Disney BUYING its own tickets. It makes sense, because they knew how weak it was b4 they released it. I mean come on, how often have we seen the train fight already and jumping off the roof at the last minute b4 the tunnel knocks u off?? ... REALLY?? 🙄 We’re doing train fights now in a 2019 Marvel movie... and hiding in big halls with rows of computers... or whatever they were. (Been there, done that... many many times!) Smh.. omg it was sooo lame! It felt like they took 10 old movies from the 80s and slapped them together to make this one. 😴😴😴


Chino Gambino 17 hours ago

Sad this bland nothing movie can make a billion dollars off branding alone.


wayne asher 17 hours ago

it blew me away by how BAD IT SUCKED !!!!!

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