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10 Companies Who Made One Huge Mistake Which Infuriated Everyone

Published: 6 days ago


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These 10 Famous Companies made such huge mistakes that they lost millions of dollars and received a lot of hate from its loyal fans. One business decision even costed the company over 650 Million dollars worth of shares!

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You've got to hand it to them. Worldwide companies work hard to stay where they are in the business world and they're constantly trying to think up new and innovative ways to do so. In the world we live in now, it's always a challenge to fend off competition and to stay successful, which is why so many companies go above and beyond to think up new strategies.

One of them, which was done by accident, lost a company almost $100 million. But some of these mistakes were conducted by CEOs, who you'd have thought would be up there with the top corporate brains in the business. In fact, these mistakes were so severe that no amount of positive publicity will forgive these tarnished reputations. For now, it's just a case of trying and trying again when it comes to keeping a successful business just that.

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TheRichest 6 days ago

Which one is more popular?
The Robin Williams's original genie or the new Will Smith's Genie? 🧞‍♂️
Comment below your vote 🤔


johnij1 3 days ago

I watched the title. The first thing that came up in my head was Disney, Disney, disney


the life of markey 4 days ago

One meme



Mr Sportman 4 days ago

Please a big subtitle, thankfully!


Kierstyn Singer 4 days ago

I don’t understand why people mad about Will Smith being the genie. They mad cuz he painted his skin blue? Tf? When the last time you seen a blue person? Never. But the genie in Aladdin had blue skin... it’s part of the character


Pizza P 5 days ago

Jack black as the Genie


Bonita Reina 5 days ago

You bring up something back in the 90s but don't bring up the Gucci matter? Idk if it cost them millions and I know they aren't barely getting by but it seems having left out it was intentional


Doug van der Hoop 5 days ago

BP oil spill 94,000 barrels and you report that 23 birds, 12 dolphins and 154 turtles died. Really? If they missed a dead bird than maybe 24 birds died. WTF and you say BP under reports. Do ya think? I put my $ on thousands of birds died.


MarioSuitedUp 5 days ago

One word



Taotao Nengminja 5 days ago

I support Will . Love wil and his role


matt 1850 5 days ago

Do how does Joe Montana spends his millions


tristan Gamer 5 days ago

I checked the richest to check if they were still thriving and no only 50k veiws per video how sad


Derrick X. 5 days ago

Add Gillette to that list!


G G 5 days ago

A black guy dressing up in blueface offending Americans. How fucking ironic 😂. America, you deserve to be offended you pussy snowflakes! 👌


Tina Gallagher 5 days ago

Yeah- GM and the EV1 debacle. They also made one of the finest motorhomes, then stopped making them without notice. What dummies.


Silvanus Clarke 5 days ago

You forgot about Papa John’s Pizza


Blake Belladonna 5 days ago

Is anyone actually suprised that the Aladdin movie was on here tho?😂


Lanie Monroe 5 days ago

I remember the Ratners demise well. He basically said that all their products were crap, it was a misjudged joke.


911sc1982 5 days ago

Gillette, NFL, FB... ?


Mrs J 5 days ago

Wow. 😈, 😂 shit hit the fan for these guys 😂

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