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10 Ways Life Would Suck as the Last Person on Earth

Published: 6 days ago


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10 Ways Life Would Suck as the Last Person on Earth
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There’s definitely such a thing as too much peace and quiet. For this list, we’re looking at the biggest downsides to waking up one morning and discovering that you’re the only human on the planet. WatchMojo counts down the 10 Ways Life Would Suck as the Last Person on Earth.

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10. Shelter
9. Clothing
8. Bad Food
7. Travelling
6. Wildlife
5. Weapons
4. Medicine

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Check out Unveiled, which has also explored what Living As The Last Person on Earth would be like:


Sierra Chest 12 hours ago

Suggestion: Top 10 on how being the last man on the planet (with all the women still being around) would suck :-)


DadCan InJapan 1 day ago

How about nuclear power plants. Without anyone to monitor them, they would meltdown and there would be thousands of Chernobyls and Fukushimas all around the world.


Madison Jones-Gallaher 1 day ago

I'd go to Area 51


Yee Macghyee 1 day ago

Entertainment? Easy. Go hunt down some old playboys and yank it till you die. Also there's weapons and countless rounds of ammo so just plink animals. Petas gone and so are the rest of society. Who gives a shit. Loneliness? Raid pet stores


Myles 1 day ago

No sex


Juan Domingo Peron 1 day ago

Yeah it'd kinda suck, but atleast you'd be able to say you were the last person on earth ( that in itself in nearly impossible, there would be other people). If you get tired of being the last person you can just check out.


Zach Flores 2 days ago

Last person on earth ? At the point the aliens would then come down to talk to you .
No other humans


TheRed Ghostman 2 days ago

You could always blow things up or break things for entertainment.


CathSPQR 2 days ago

ok how exactly is a car made of metal gonna last longer than buildings made of concrete? cars break down regularly even when you maintain them. and the whole supply issue won't be a problem if you stay in a city, even if you don't sleep inside the houses.


iTSMR PiNGU 2 days ago

Not gonna lie if I was that person on earth I'd probably jump off a building head first tbh what would be the point in living lol


Haks almighty 2 days ago

Hey y not learn to use solar power that would make things a lot easier which could b used to clean water keep you warm and entertainment n differ ent kinds of farming


JD ENT 2 days ago

People who are commenting on this video plz imagine yourselves in this situation and think what whould you do


Jay Koops 2 days ago

A small thing usually looked over when owning a weapon is that you have to clean and maintain it to prevent it from malfunctioning and jamming.


Travis Klappe 3 days ago

Is that a picture of Calgary?? Is watchmojo Canadian or something? lmao


dhaq abk 3 days ago

finding shelter:
i'm moving into the whitehouse


Mr bean full episodes HD 3 days ago

Little things you didn't consider
.batteries ( even hand held games)
.sex dols
. And for someone to talk to...pets (dogs/cats)

Eventually all of these would go bad but the earth has enough for 70 years tops


R WG5 3 days ago

A majority of this list's problems only apply to "city people" I live in the mountains and am almost entirely self sufficient. If I didn't have to pay taxes, or other bills, then I would be.


kelvin sibzs 3 days ago

I don't thing the internet will shut Down


aC0rn LoRd 3 days ago

If I was the last man on earth I’d want to go out jumping off a waterfall

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