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Top 10 Hilarious John Mulaney Moments

Published: 3 days ago


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This comedian has quickly become one of the best in the game. For this list, we’re looking at the best and most memorable moments from this comedian’s career. We’ve included hilarious moments like his Spider-Ham outtakes, his friendship with Pete Davidson and the “Totally Gay” number from Big Mouth. Join WatchMojo as we count down the most side-splitting John Mulaney moments.
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10. SpiderHam (& Outtakes)
9. "Totally Gay"
8. "Too Much Tuna" feat. Paul Feig
7. John Mulaney & Pete Davidson
6. Delta Airlines
5. Movie Recaps
4. “Law & Order”
3, 2 & 1???

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Marie Montgomery 22 minutes ago

I love this tired tall child and/or Victorian ghost!


Patrick 1 hour ago

I have listened to the Salt and Pepper Diner at LEAST 15 times, and it is HILARIOUS every time. Look it up, awesome, fun stuff.


Lu Lu 1 hour ago

Young Sheldon!!!


Krysten Arnett 2 hours ago

The #1 pick is literally the reason I know about him and just him get more roles strengths the love I have for his jokes


f f 2 hours ago

wow the boy with hips made it on a watchmojo playlist


Wilma FistFit 3 hours ago

Obsessed with John my favorite comic ever


Ever Fq 3 hours ago

it's such a small and overlooked bit, but i fucking love "I was sitting over on the bench" it makes me burst out laughing every time I watch it.


Ever Fq 3 hours ago

he is a proud asian american woman and you will treat him with respect!


Diego Pineda 4 hours ago

This video was more of your comments then his actual performance. It makes it hard to enjoy. You could have just listed them without explaining and let his words do the talking.


Hou Ya Ru 4 hours ago

I'm a simple person. I see John Mulaney and I click.


hallie storms 5 hours ago

this is the content I want


MoMoHere 5 hours ago

My tall child is on watch mojo?? What is this sorcery?


KJSoeder 6 hours ago

I'm so glad Salt & Pepper Diner got #1


Rosemary Williams 6 hours ago

I like his stand ups more ...and spider pig😋


Builder Bean 6 hours ago

“The Bodega Man can!!!”


David Allen 8 hours ago

In 20 years, we’ll all wonder why we allowed John Mulaney to do “Jew face” and take jobs from actual Jewish people and why we so nonchalantly put up with a Catholic man from Chicago playing up a New York Jewish stereotype.


Elli Miles 9 hours ago

Where did you get the video from the top part I haven’t been able to find anything but the audio and I really want to watch it


Laura Norda 10 hours ago

I may just have to look up that spider ham show!! XD


Bryan Mills 10 hours ago

How does the '17 spirit awards opening not get a top ten that would be number one on my list. Has to be top 3 award show openers of all time. Just soooo funny.


Wallman Wall 10 hours ago

"We're excluding live moments... Number 4 Saturday Night Live"..... isn't that live?

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