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You, a Dog, and an Elephant All Pee for 21 Seconds

Published: 2 weeks ago


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The time it takes to you to tinkle is probably about the same as an elephant, even though an elephant's bladder is over 100 times larger. How can that be right? The answer is a combination of physiology and fluid dynamics.

Hosted by: Hank Green

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SciShow 2 weeks ago

A few comments let us know the links to the sources were broken. Thank you! We've fixed those links.


Brian Voils 23 hours ago

I remember reading this a couple of years ago and didn't notice until now quite what the range was. I noticed over the few years that there is quite a variance to my pee durations, and to my dog's. I noticed today in the PNAS paper that it's 21+/- 13 seconds (not sure if 13 is 1 or 2 standard deviations) but that comes out to 8-34 seconds, which is quite a broad range.


pintoreb 1 day ago

I love the dry humour haha 1:57-2:03


fangaluka123 2 days ago

This B.S.Is ok for April the first.


Joaquin Pirotto 2 days ago

I've been legit wondering what's the pressure inside my bladder for a few months. Engineering student btw lol.


Rhyannon Ashford 4 days ago

3 kgs is a lot for a mammal. Like, I have an adult cat smaller than that.


K1naku5ana3R1ka 4 days ago

Alright, your clickbait titles have just pissed me off!


Azazeal2008 4 days ago

And guess what is the 21 multiplied by 2. Yeah you got it, the answer to life the universe and everything!


Noah Fence 6 days ago

I timed my next pee after watching this episode and it was definitely over 30 seconds


kangourouuu1 6 days ago

I hope I'm not the only one but... boy have I sometimes peed way longer than 21 seconds. Pretty rare, comes in a sudden urge and seem to last 1m30 which, realistically, is probably closer to 40 seconds (which I could time once, since I've ended up able to think about it when said urges come up).
Either my bladder is stretched (unlikely, I don't drink enough and those rare cases are rarely following retention) or... I dunno.


Thyv 7 days ago

Weird that it took me 36s to pee. Either this fact is not 100% correct or there is something wrong with me.


ThatOneGuy _02 1 week ago

But why does anyone need this information


areamusicale 1 week ago

Girls usually takes from 6 minutes to 2 hours to pee.


FoxInTheTwilight 1 week ago

2:55 "...birds have a whole different excretion system."

Now I want to Google 'how birds pee'.


UsenameTakenWasTaken 1 week ago

Wait, I'm taking too long peeing?
Am I going to be ok?


Kayla Meeks 1 week ago

Anyone else have to pee now? 😂


God The Almighty 1 week ago

I think Hank is taking the piss


Mandrake Fernflower 1 week ago

Only a man with a narrow ureety would call that skinny stick a tree!


laser325 1 week ago

So some guy is trekking in Sri Lanka, when he stops to pee.
Just as he is about to begin, a Grey Slender Loris appears in a tree.
An elephant can be seen in the distance.
All begin to pee at the same time.

After 21seconds, they all stop.
'Well how about that?, the trekker says.
"I'll contact SciShow..."


KSAM 1 week ago

Wait what?! 21 seconds tf I pee like more than 21 seconds

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