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10 Most Powerful Military Weapons That Had To Be Banned

Published: 2 weeks ago


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These weapons were so powerful throughout history that the united nations HAD to do something about them!

There are actually rules of war. If this sounds crazy to you, you’re not alone. Most people think that everything goes when countries go to a war, but this is far from the case. There are international laws that govern war just like they govern other departments, although, to be fair, it’s harder to put rules in in special cases like these.

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Back to the powerful weapons. A country determined enough to go to war should, by definition, be determined enough to do whatever it takes to win, and many do break the predetermined rules of war. However, you’d be surprised to know that many militaries abide by the rules even during these difficult times; otherwise international repercussions might take place.

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TheRichest 2 weeks ago

Do you agree there should be rules in war?

P.S. The flying bats with napalm bombs attached to them feels like something from a nightmare


Berto Dan 3 days ago

They should band Tony Stark lml


ZACHARY WOODS 4 days ago

War is not barbaric it is the human state at its purest its purely humans being human and is the purest form of man and is the only time when all men and women are truly equal no mater what rounds dont discriminate blood for blood all is permitted live and die winers and loosers soldiers are all the same we have a job and we do it or die


roman costa 4 days ago

ISIS plays bastion


Tharrini Meena Sundram 1 week ago

I wanna first ask do u really wanna ban these weopons because u were a soldier before and u quit ?


ali boudd 1 week ago

mte the weapon isnt to strong there are rules of war please read stuff about the UN seucirty council


JREVY22 1 week ago



t mac 1 week ago



Didier Pollak 1 week ago

No the most dangerous weapon is...

Not having wifi


Jay M 1 week ago

Shouldn't have banned cluster bombs just should've made agreements for no civilian areas to be near the target zone


1 Million sub with no Video 1 week ago

Smoke what in canister


ankur singh 1 week ago

Atomic wepon


HAIL ODIN 1 week ago

Nothing is banned


Hannah Santos 2 weeks ago

Having a Rules in war means war is just a game, killing fellow human is part of game so I suggest to ban the War.


Ian Hiltz 2 weeks ago

Nukes should be banned


Mr. Bain 2 weeks ago

What about my mom


Aaron Wissmann 2 weeks ago

Um. Plastic bullets. Not a thing. Physics


J Kennedy 2 weeks ago

Why dont we banned have peace on Earth...


Robert Craighead 2 weeks ago

How about focused point 1,000,000 watt Microwave? or a Sound cannon that can blow a ship apart.


Michele Ruzic 2 weeks ago

Nothing is illegal in war. All of those weapons would be useful in case of war

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