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The 15 Rules All Rich People Follow

Published: 4 weeks ago


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The 15 Rules All Rich People Follow
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the The 15 Rules All Rich People Follow! Do you want to be rich? Well here are some tips and tricks from people who have the status of millionaire and billionaire on how to save money fast and become rich! These financial tips and life hacks are so genius and useful and will make your bank account a great financial cushion! From how to invest money in a savings account to create a passive source of income to habits and tricks and rules all of the world's richest people like Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Gary Vaynerchuk and Jeff Bezos use to become the richest people in the world! #Money #Facts #Rich

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Top 10s 4 weeks ago

Check out my second channel!


jackillin 3 weeks ago

I must be weird. I hardly ever buy anything. I occasionally see something I like and will then think about buying it for several days or weeks, by which time the item is usually out of stock or just gone! I'm not much of a consumer but I am a travel addict. ahahaha


Mr.Attitude oof 4 weeks ago

Is top 10s a billionaire


Eat Lo 4 weeks ago

A poor think more than 24 hours before buying something!!


Wolfy Playz 4 weeks ago

At 5:18 it says this can actually benefit your life and hell. Did anyone else catch this, the only reason I know is because I have closed captions on for some reason.


Bhavana Achi 4 weeks ago

Thats very smart!


Shawn Kilbourn 4 weeks ago

Is this a need or a want lol??


Johnny Rossi58 4 weeks ago

In other words, try to stay out of Walmart. You go in for bread, or deodorant and come out with a basket full. Right?


Emily Gilbey 4 weeks ago

I do all of those things! Not because I'm rich but because I'm totally broke!


Neon3 HD 4 weeks ago

laptop health


Nic Mackowey 4 weeks ago

Hi Charlie.. Subscribed


Dwee Burger 4 weeks ago

These are not rules and u don't know everything rich people do


rawcliffe2008 4 weeks ago

Think top 10 is trying to get rich I remember when there were only one advert in a video there was 4 or 5 in this video worse then watching the television


Ethan 4 weeks ago

You're Top 10s not Top 15s


Ulises Almanza 4 weeks ago

Hi Charlie


Candice Peeples 4 weeks ago

I subscribed to the crafty.
If you shout me out say Mr Goat


Jumanji Fan101 4 weeks ago

I subbed


000000 00000 4 weeks ago

Bulshit lots of rich people grab things up strait away. And dont wait 24 hours


emily cheetham 4 weeks ago

I’m not rich but I follow some of these at least some of the time. Iv never gone into debt, I try to repair things, my family have hired cleaners in the past to name a few things.


emily cheetham 4 weeks ago

You don’t always save time by having someone mend your laptop for you (if it needs sending away to be repaired) also it can cost a lot more money to have someone if it for you than fixing it yourself. It all depends on what is wrong with it and how tech smart you are.
I do however agree with getting a cleaner to come and clean your whole house for you once a week can be a good investment for time. That one day you would spend slogging cleaning and vacuuming and polishing and dusting and making beds and mopping could be spent setting up a business or spending time with family or family or doing a fun activity.

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