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50+ Videos & Secrets NASA Don't Want You To See

Published: 1 month ago


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50+ Videos & Secrets NASA Don't Want You To See Compilation!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the 50+ Secrets NASA Don't Want You To Know! Are you ready for an epic compilation video? Here is an awesome compilation of 5 of my greatest NASA secret videos! From NASA livestream videos of alien UFO and other space objects to hidden secrets of NASA and the planets like Moon Mars Earth and more here are the biggest secrets in our world, space and beyond! #Facts #Science #NASA

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Top 10s 1 month ago

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12 3 weeks ago

garbage mind control crap, keep it no share from me


Matt 8815 4 weeks ago

Shorter vid plz


Caleb Holland 4 weeks ago

that is crazy


The Three Guinea Pig Whisperers 1 month ago

The flag shouldn't have drooped bc of zero gravity so


jamie thompson 1 month ago

I think its just space junk


Victor Sand 1 month ago

nasi nasa


Bowen Ho 1 month ago

Screw NASA they always lie about everything something’s they don’t know they just make it up, that way we all believe them


Andres Vicedo 1 month ago

Aqui tienes la grabacion original de la NASA en la que se ve y se explica perfectamante que es el caballero negro. Una pieza de la Estacion Espacial Internacional.


Colt 45 1 month ago

Earth is Flat!! Nothing Nasa says is credible, live above the lies!


Unbelievable 2,000 1 month ago

air force plain


Joe Levi 1 month ago

Hey mate you are my favorite YouTuber I wish I could make you have all the subs in the world


Luke 1 month ago

this channel in cancer


Chase overmyer 1 month ago

the flag was made speical to not drop and the waving was from kinitct energy


Jolee Ledoux 1 month ago

NASA has entered the chat WHAT IS DISSSS


Mudrunjon1979 1 month ago

Charlie, the blue ring is a SpaceX launch from Edward's Air Force Base 45 miles north of Los Angeles. There was another one recently that could be seen over the same skies.Edwatds is also the controlling base of Area 51. You can than Elon Musk for this.


Jakkaboy Gaming 1 month ago

Too long


D F 1 month ago

Space is the big black hole that taxpayer money is “allegedly” poured into but really being used for other agendas.Similar to the 21 Trillion found missing the the Pentagon audit recently, look it up.


Emma Crisafi 1 month ago

Who else wants to work in nasa just to find out the secrets


Isaiah Perez 1 month ago

0:36 look its goku

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