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Why Can't We Make Spider Silk?

Published: 3 weeks ago


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People have been using silkworm silk to make stuff for thousands of years, but spider silk could potentially be even more useful. It's stronger than steel, super stretchy, and could be made into anything from bridge cables to biodegradable water bottles... if only we could figure out how to cultivate it.

Hosted by: Hank Green

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Blueis Notgreen 14 hours ago

I tried to take dope from a spider and he pulled four switch blades out on me simultaneously.


Kshitij Mahajan 20 hours ago

never knew spiders had dope.drug dealers .never gonna kill em again.i will be very interested to know what kind of dope spiders have to offer


Vinay N.K 20 hours ago

wound't selective breeding work ?


Lars D. Oil 2 days ago

Talk about a DUH moment. If these suys would stop and think about how many millions of years it took for spiders to finally get the hang of making spider silk they would be thankful for what little progress they have made in less than a few decades. The arrogance of some people.


elliot arnold 3 days ago

Why can't we make spider silk? answer: we are not spiders.


_Shane_Anigans_ 3 days ago

1:03 Ah okay cool, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway


Human not an alien 4 days ago

I read that as spider milk and that's why I clicked..... I was disappoint


korpse6rinder 4 days ago

Start breeding spiders for bigger glands to extract more or farm easier? The black widow webs seem to be extra strong, maybe the brown widow for a less aggressive version


paythewave 4 days ago

My uncle is in prison for making dope


Le Quasar 5 days ago

Spiders farms... F*** ! I don't want one near my home ! 😫🕷🕷


Xorn Xenophon 5 days ago

The answer is that simple: Just grow far larger spiders! Problem solved!
You can thank me later...


mr. nobody 5 days ago

They once did - place spyer genes in to goats - half of the goats born will have the gene, silk will be in the milk... i was wondering what happened to them.

Was thinking about get a few of those goats...


RectalDiscourse 6 days ago

Look, if all you need to make this work is dope.. looks around cautiously you ain't a cop, right?


Technipony Flexx 6 days ago

Why not make giant spiders? Nothing could possibly go wrong with further genetic engineering to explode the size of arachnids and an attempt to exploit them... Do it... Dooo iiit


ShutEyeCinema 6 days ago

So... We already did manufacture spider Web. But you just chose to name the video "Why CAN'T we..."


Yagotta Kidding 6 days ago

Airplanes, biodegradable bottles.... Ah you meant biodegradable airplanes. Awesome, if happens midair. Ah, and bridges too.


super hi 6 days ago

I took dope from a spider in '08 and I'm still high...


Kory Marsh 7 days ago

"A spider's dragline silk which is what it uses to stealthily drop on to your face while you are sleeping, is lightweight and stronger than steel." Why oh why did you have to say this and have a graphic.


john smith 7 days ago

Oscorp is the company most interested in Spider research, because Norman Osborn. Really surprising they weren't mentioned in this video at all. Deeply disappointed.

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