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Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World

Published: 1 month ago


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Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World! We all get food and drink from vending machine every day but in Japan and around the world some vending machines serve more than just a meal or a small toy! #Facts

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Heather Ions 2 weeks ago

Puppy vending machines sound awful. The crab thing is stupid as well. Not sure why you’re defending that one. 🤔


Yaqueline Loya 2 weeks ago

A car part vending machine would be awesome lol


Ryan's coin empire 3 weeks ago

in china thay have dogs in vending machines for food


ThEHooKeD 3 weeks ago

In India Mumbai there is a pizza vending machine really


you 3 weeks ago

bad intro


Avantika Palayekar 4 weeks ago

You know the Artsy one. That is not a superpower just luck and skill


Amanda 4 weeks ago

The underpant vending Machine was made for pedofiles....


Trebor Ironwolfe 4 weeks ago

The McVending burgers are probably fresher than the ones you regularly get from the restaurants..
Nothing says "McTasty" quite like an industrial heat lamp...


MC PLAYS 4 weeks ago

No "Oh Yeah Yeah"


Lemon Lime 4 weeks ago

Famous egg vending machind


scootergurl48 4 weeks ago

The dog could get mighty hungry waiting to get food because nobody knows they're supposed drop a plastic bottle into the machine. Or a dog overeating because he's always at the machine. And puppies in a vending machine? How do you know what kind of person is taking this dog? Will it be placed in a decent home or will he be used in dogfights? Did he come from a reputable breeder or was he born in an illegal puppy mill with health issues no one has discovered? Too many unknowns the biggest being the puppy's fate with this unknown, uninvestigated new owner.


Patrick de Goeij 4 weeks ago

"This self freezing Coca Cola machine is located in Japan."
Didn't know the Japanese spoke Dutch; the directions on the machine are in Dutch.


HisCanadianStory 4 weeks ago

I’ve used a French Fry vending machine


dj osearth 4 weeks ago

Like if you would NOT like more caviar vending machines! ;]


jenjay 71 1 month ago

Definitely umbrella umbrella and 🍔


Megan Phillips 1 month ago

Please give me a shot out my name is cristian


Alana McCabe 1 month ago

So cool


Jeffrey.C.Amicitia 1 month ago

why do I feel like this is an old vid?


Zay George 1 month ago

🔥 one of the best youtuber

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