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11 Rarest Eye Colors In Humans

Published: 1 month ago


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11 Rarest Eye Colors In Humans
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the 11 Rarest Eye Colors In Humans! What is the rarest eye color in the world? Well there are some eye colours out there that look so amazing from multi colored eyes called hererochromia to red and pink eyes with humans who have albinism! Some eyes can even experience a color change! #Eyes #Science #Facts

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Top 10s 1 month ago

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Moonsong Wolf 4 hours ago

Looks like I have central heterchromia, I have gray eyes with a yellow ring around the pupils! When I was younger I was always mistaking my gray eyes for blue or green though XD


FD Mester 7 hours ago

I have green eyes. :D


Gillian Latham 8 hours ago

Silver light blue eyes


Angel Hurley 8 hours ago

I have half a brown eye and half blue in one side ... Other eye is full blue ... Guess I'm rare 😂


Felicity Seal 8 hours ago

I have heterochromia. Around my pupil, it is green and blue around the green! IM SO UNIQUE!!!
Oh also my eyes change colour depending on my mood!


Oum Malak La patisserie algerienne 10 hours ago

I have green eyes


Sumera Lloyd 13 hours ago

I don't know why twice in my life I have been asked if I have blue eyes. But, my eyes are dark brown either those who asked me were colour blind or had poor eyesight.Haha


Sumera Lloyd 13 hours ago

I have dark brown eyes. My mum was very beautiful & she had pure hazel eyes and I always wanted to have her eyes colour. Yeah she passed away a year ago due to cancer(


Coreen Jansen 22 hours ago

I have one blue eye and one green eye. Sometimes you feel weird when people see it for the first time and then stare at your eyes. It’s also more noticeable if I’m tired sick or been swimming.


Jujupooh1 1 day ago

I have half is green and other is blue or brown and dark blue


Marina Younan 1 day ago



Masked Misfit 1 day ago

My eyes are weird; their color depends on the lighting or my mood.

Turquoise: I've haven't gone outside yet because I'm depressed :(
Bluish Grey: all the time
Silver: Stormy
Electric blue: I've been crying
Teal/ Green: Sunny
Grey: Happy


Dina Ashford-More 1 day ago

David Bowie is more famous than Kate Bosworth and his eyes were two different colors!


Mike B 1 day ago

All Photoshop


amy kitchener 2 days ago

I have black eyes!


Jack Anderson 2 days ago

Brown eyes are for mutts


yvonne corbett 2 days ago

I am full afro Caribbean andhave green/hazel eyes, been told my eyes change colour apparently according to my mood, can't tell coz I can't see my own eyes without a mirror


Diamond Pest lps 2 days ago

I have blue eyes


Roman Alvarez 2 days ago

My eyes are red 24-7 due to the smoking of weed!

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