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The District 9 Ending Explained

Published: 2 weeks ago


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District 9 is an uncommonly smart sci-fi hit, and it’s got a heck of a lot going on, especially in the final act. Did you come away wondering what really happened, or musing on what could happen next? Not to worry, this is the ending of District 9 explained.

#District9 #EndingExplained

Survival | 0:16
More human than human | 1:16
A return voyage | 2:24
Trouble on the horizon | 3:21
Mystery fuel | 4:14
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Anomen1010 2 days ago

A great movie


Young Dontai 3 days ago

Everyone one wants a sexual but I would also like to see a prequel explaining where the prawns came from and why they left


The Pineapple 3 days ago

One of my favorite movies! I wish I saw this in the theatres :(


Kevin Fowler 1 week ago

It was plain as day what happen in the movie. So why the video?


Richard Roy 1 week ago

Good think movies have no transition period.


ashdoglsu 1 week ago

I just watched it for the first time after hearing its great for years but i couldnt get into it just watching the first minute or two. Wow i was so wrong. This is one of the greatest sci fi movies ever. I got a feeling i rarely get after watching a movie from this movie.


chris dove 1 week ago

He ain't coming back, sneaky fuking prawn.


Stevenz S 1 week ago

Only aliens can use their tech. Probably contains their live dna or something. And in my opinion as to why it transformed him. Fuel probably contains their dna so that only they can use it to match with their ship. since its liquid it was probably absorbed and for healing him they only need to extract it.


WestexHorror 2 weeks ago

Thumbs down. Sorry. This is a decade too late. We all get the ending. Try again.


rocktzar 2 weeks ago

Seriously. This video did not need to be made. Don't make videos explaining the ending of films that only need explaining to idiots. Wtf


mikey 2 weeks ago

Would love to see a sequel


Giorgi Gaprindashvili 2 weeks ago

The ending touched my heart and soul too much, where he is making a flower for his wife 😔😔😔😔❤️❤️❤️, this film is a underrated sci-fi masterpiece 💯💯💯💯, humans are the bad guys in this movie.


vandazzle 2 weeks ago

Nobody asked for this stupid as hell "explanation" video. This guy clearly thinks he's the only human that understood this movie.


Adam wiggins 2 weeks ago

I wanted a sequel to this movie😕 ... but I also liked Chappy so I guess I’m a bit off


Angra 2 weeks ago

All because he wouldn't get quarantined.


Ramón Machado 2 weeks ago



James B 2 weeks ago

My favorite alien movie of all time!!!


Necronomibong 2 weeks ago

Maybe someone should explain to looper that just because they are too stupid to understand just about every movies ending dose not mean any of us need help.


Daniel Fernando 2 weeks ago

Wow this video came out a little too late I think


Craig_M 2 weeks ago

If you didn't understand the ending of this are no longer allowed to consume visual media

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