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Can Moons Have Moons?

Published: 3 weeks ago


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We all know that many planets have moons orbiting them, but is it possible for those moons have little moons of their own?

Hosted by: Michael Aranda

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Ray Drouillard 1 day ago

Moony McMoonface?


Michael Sartore 1 day ago

Call them Moonites or Satamoons


slifer 9990 2 days ago

I'd say yes before watching based on my own theory:

sun => earth => moon. This should mean that earth => moon => moon is also correct. Depends on what you call a moon though. Maybe I should watch the video.


ashish sharma 3 days ago

Damn, I missed this guy....


DeadeyeViper 5 days ago



sari c 1 week ago

I vote for lil moonlets as well


Rakshasa 1 week ago

We should call them Mickey Moonies.


Forced G+ Account 2 weeks ago

The next planet we colonize outside of our system should be called New Earth, its moon New Moon and New Moon's moon called Moon Moon.


PRose84 2 weeks ago

Damnit moon moon.


AwesomeVindicator 2 weeks ago

you start the video with a somewhat false statement about lighter things orbiting more massive things, technically this is incorrect since a small object will apply a pull on the thing its orbiting, technically the moon and the earth are orbiting each other, the sun and the earth/moon combo are both orbiting each other too. not to mention the sun and the rest of the galaxy orbit each other.
gravity doesnt "stop" when something is far away, it simply gets weaker. so technically a single grain of sand somewhere on earth is providing a pull on the moon.

to sum up... the moon is orbiting the earth but is also pulling the earth around at the same time.


kangourouuu1 2 weeks ago

1:19 "mini-moon" is cute :3


Phi 2 weeks ago

A new scientific field should be developed in order to give the findings of the other schools classy and more original names.


dirge808 2 weeks ago

Moon then Moon 2 then Moon 3:The Return...(get it?) then just Moon again (20 years after the first Moon came out but with a new cast and crew)


Scottington666 2 weeks ago

Does antimatter have antimass?


Jakhow 2 weeks ago

Considering how massive this universe is, there has to be a moon orbiting a moon,

orbiting a moon. Just saying, the probability is small, but it’s probably possible.


Jakhow 2 weeks ago

I literally looked this up, just wondering, and I feel like being within a week of this video being uploaded was pretty cool, considering I’m subbed, yet I still missed the video.


kassemir 2 weeks ago

moonmoons, really...?
guess a lot of scientists are dads, 'cause that's that's a dad joke if I ever saw one :)


Anon 2 weeks ago

I'd forgotten about moon moon


putsome basilonit 2 weeks ago

Cows be a-moo'n


Luka Dragovic 2 weeks ago

While the Moon's moon is mooney it does mooneymooeymoo in a moon's moon.

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