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Does Lactic Acid Really Cause Muscle Pain?

Published: 4 weeks ago


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For decades, lactic acid has taken the blame for the muscle pain you feel when you exercise - but does it really deserve its bad reputation?

Hosted by: Hank Green

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Kristen Smith 4 hours ago

When u just give bio exam yesterday and wrote that lactic acid causes muscle pain because ur text book says so and THEN U WATCH THIS....


fatpatMC 2 days ago

lactate gets turned back into pyruvate which then gets turned into ATP again aye its a good thing and aye it took me a long long time to get this science right


SilentProgram 2 weeks ago

I need a gif of 3:28 : "We have to be accurate, but don't be condescending!" ... And the sparkly text - I love it!
Or even better mugs, Tshirts, EVERYTHING!


a-wanderingcloud 0-0 2 weeks ago

Well damn...


Jihyuk Yoon 2 weeks ago at 6:26, you say that Lactic Acid causes soreness ahahahahah


Synalla 2 weeks ago

Poor Hank, he thinks people watch SciShow to be anything but condescending.


J c 2 weeks ago

Can you give us the science behind correcting a theory without being condescending


Varler 3 weeks ago

We were just learning that Lactic Acid causes muscle soreness in my college level Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries class. Haha. I wonder what the best way is to show this video to my teacher...


bob george 3 weeks ago

anyone know what causes gout?


landofthebooks 3 weeks ago

Its true, I was taught that in highschool also I'm working out right now haha


culwin 3 weeks ago

Finally someone explains why my frog legs stop working.


lf 01 3 weeks ago

My whole life has been a lie


Isitpossible ??? 3 weeks ago

Calmly states that electric shocks caused fast twitches and movements that produce lactate and that lactate is good for you? maybe? Now looking at electrostatic to get a six pack.


Rick Cutshall 3 weeks ago

Paging Muscle Hank

Muscle Hank, please report to the comments section.


Da Liang 3 weeks ago

3:39 You ask for the impossible.


Robert 3 weeks ago

So in theory could increasing the Lactate in your system help with muscle pain from exercise?


Joe Beaudette 3 weeks ago

Problem is sometimes nowadays ppl don’t even know how not to be condescending lol


Dez Brenn 3 weeks ago

love him!!!


jordana309 3 weeks ago

Reading my "uh, ACTUALLY" response for next time I hear this.


Randy Smith 3 weeks ago

Some time ago i saw a program where they put an ultra-marathoner on a treadmill. This person does dawn to dusk runs for FUN! While on the treadmill they measured his lactate (acid?), and as he ran longer and longer the measurement went down!

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