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Top 10 Things Critics Are Saying About Shazam

Published: 4 days ago


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Marvel isn’t the only one bringing a heavy hitting superhero to theaters in 2019! For this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of the early reactions to DC’s 2019 comic book movie “Shazam!”, and the glowing things that reviewers and industry insiders are saying about it. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Things Critics Are Saying About Shazam.

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10) It’s Got Some Scares
9) Great Fight Scenes
8) Perfect Family Movie
7) Emotional Moments
6) It Nailed the Tone
5) Throwback to Movies of 80s/90s
4) Acting
3, 2 & 1???

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ForceGod 7015 4 hours ago

The fake captain marvel


Ayan The Byan 8 hours ago

This is now on my watch list... also the Batman movie coming out in 2021


annihilationgamingTM 9 hours ago

First of it should be called Shitzam and second this is a movie that no one asked for? And I can't stand Zachery Levi as an actor period. I hated the show Chuck with an absolute passion.! I for one will not be seeing this movie. It's really a bad business move to put this movie up against Endgame. I know Endgame doesn't come out until the end of April. But still not a smart move. That and I hate "family films" and anything kid friendly.


John Penza 12 hours ago

As far as I (and a lot of other fans) am concerned, he is still and always will be Captain Marvel!


JackKnight GAMING 12 hours ago

Batman and Superman are sucks in the DCEU!


atmaweapon463 15 hours ago

Big commercial for this movie. Negatives are even positives for the directionless movie


TinkBellQ 16 hours ago

I just feel so bad for this movie because it looks like its going to be a fun ride,

but at the same time it's coming out right between two mcu juggernauts!


Patrick Smith 16 hours ago

Sorry not sorry, but I rather see Superman. Looking forward to the next Superman movie with Henry Cavill.


Yashaswi Harsh Yadav 19 hours ago

Best DC movie? You mean the Dark Knight?


Rockman 21 hours ago



Venom 1 day ago

Search Shazam on Google and look in the CAST Section and you will understand who is the Real Captain Marvel#Shazam


D DIESEL 1 day ago

the Captain Marvel i knew growing up


Keith Hopper 1 day ago

Uh, excuse me but doesn't Billy get granted the wisdom of Solomon, the courage of Achilles and the intelligence of other gods. Let me know when you get around to making that Shazam not Bozo Shazam. 😒


Spam Account 1 day ago

Looks awesome


Presidente Camacho 1 day ago

When is the Rock's Black Adam coming?🤔


Squared Away 1 day ago

It looks like DC is moving in the right direction with this movie. It is light-hearted, funny, and no social justice


Jenjen 100000 1 day ago

This looks like something from an old 40s movies, rubbish.


Filthy Ogre 1 day ago

Can’t wait for this Shazam


sunny singh 1 day ago

Man of steel was one of the best superhero movie ever.


Juan, Jr. Gochico 1 day ago

its a sham?

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