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How To Make Your Internet Faster In Seconds

Published: 1 month ago


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How To Make Your Internet Faster In Seconds
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the How To Make Your Internet Faster In Seconds! Here is how to speed up your internet wether its WiFi or broadband double speed for free! These tips for cybersecurity and faster internet speeds on your laptop, phone, tablet and computer are so easy and it will boost your bandwidth making your internet speeds faster!

For issues or inquires please email or message via YouTube.

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Top 10s 1 month ago

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Venom Warrior 4 hours ago

Yes Charlie 😂😂😂


Rin Sakamura 7 days ago

I watched this because i kept lagging on mobile legends


catsoverboard 2 weeks ago

You wasted my time for 7:14. And even put ads in the video to make revenue off of me. Nice.


kim taejin 2 weeks ago

Even i try this all but doesn't work.


Free Solitary 3 weeks ago

Well if it facing a wall wouldn't it go the other way so you don't have to use a can lol makes no sense


Deathwarrior 4 weeks ago

I have a 4g portable router , does ethernet cable have effect on the speed if i connect it to my pc ( im asking coz its still not fully wired , meaning there is no cable going in my router obviously )

I hope this is easy to understand xD


Wolf Net Rexter 1 month ago

Me watching with slow AF WIFI


Ender Fighter 515 1 month ago

So the question is
Does this work?


Adam Pittman 1 month ago

Does clearing your history on your phone internet help too?


8-bit Friends 1 month ago

I’m using LTE


R7 Fishing 1 month ago



VIZN_Eleven 1 month ago go sub to this guy


General Zucc 1 month ago

Tip 1: pause your 5gb porn download


Anophis 1 month ago

Always love cabled connection. great for gaming


ميدو جيفارآ 1 month ago

Hi I'm a new subscriber on your channel I loved you so much


Jonathan Macbean 1 month ago

I subscribed


EVERY DAY HAPPY 1 month ago

How about mobile data ?


StormyStars 1 month ago

Who has a router like that for WiFi? It sounds handy as our internet comes and goes with the weather like too cloudy, rainy, snowy or windy or even just thunder or lightning without rain or sleet and our router is right in between our computers. We have our own dish for WiFi totally secure.


Kc Guiang 1 month ago

why is the thumbnail look like it was made by 5 minute crafts

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