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10 Mysterious Places On Earth Scientists Are Still Trying To Understand

Published: 5 days ago


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The most mysterious and strange places on Earth are sometimes hard to understand even by scientists. A lot of things about the world aren't well known but there are still some theories going around.

The tools needed to solve some of life's biggest mysteries are relatively new, and it's going to take scientists some time to comb through all of the mysteries. When it comes to the inexplicably strange and surreal places out there, they can sometimes leave us feeling like there's no logical answer as to why they exist.

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Back to these mysterious places. Take the Namibian Fairy Circles as an example. Located in Africa's Namib Desert, these circles vary vastly in diameter, but they also span an area of over 1,000 miles.

While locals believe them to be the footprints of gods who once walked across the desert, scientists have been trying to make sense of them for decades. One theory involves sand termites, but experts can't seem to agree on that being the cause.

Then there's the confusion surrounding the Naga Fireballs. This name was given to the tiny orbs of fire that seem to lift out of the Mekong River in Thailand every October and May. People are so fascinated by this phenomenon that there's an entire festival dedicated to their ascension.

If you want to learn more about the places that are baffling experts everywhere, check out this video!

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TheRichest 5 days ago

Anyone have their own theories on what's happening to one of these places? 🤔


CDO 1 day ago

Please - "tsunami wave" is a tautology (1:24). The 'nami' part of the Japanese word itself means 'wave' and, therefore, the English word 'wave' is completely superfluous. Just in case anybody was wondering, tsunami means 'harbour wave' (English) or 'harbor wave' (American). Additionally, which religious moron saw fit to deface that rock (4:16) with 'allah akbar' [sic] and some other graffiti my old eyes are just too poor to make out? It's not even well written, looking like a semi-literate child did it.


Andrew Tolmasoff 3 days ago

'Through a loop' Not for.


Fatima Raja 3 days ago

Scientists should start taking samples of endangered animals so that if they go extinct they could be brought back to life


Go Away 4 days ago

This channel is till relavant?


Homer spider Spider homer 4 days ago

I know a mysterious place it’s called titled towers scientist keep trying to find out how it gets so many people


Chelston Phillip 4 days ago

I was about to say "*Who would carve a massive rock?*" but then realised Mount Rushmore exsists...


Tropically Pacified! 4 days ago

When I was a kid, I personally didn't believe Naga fireball exist, but I shit you not, it does. I was pretty amazed when I first saw it.


Spastic_Nerdy_Dude 4 days ago

I used to think this was a decent channel. Turns out, you jump on the same bandwagon as many other channels. Such a shame.. Well, welcome to my "not interested" list.


Evan Matthys 4 days ago

Is she the new voice of the channel


Sung Yan 4 days ago

Talking about the Naga Fireball, there are instances of being witnessed by my father and the people of my village till some decades back. The fireball witnessed by my villagers was from Sotokur village, Nagaland, India.


Prince Risen 4 days ago



Weight Loss Dietitian 4 days ago

OMG I'm early to another amazing video!?


bibek ray 4 days ago

nice englisH


Talent Jim 4 days ago

This is some Bullshit


Jesse Jay 4 days ago

7:27 makes no sense


Djay Duran 4 days ago

Ganda 😍😍


Gordo Goon Nunez 4 days ago

What about the magnetic pull in Dominican Republic where u can shut down your car engine on the hill climb and actually get out the vehicle put on neutral and watch an amazing even taking place right in front of your eyes as the car starts to climb the hill all by itself.


HAS TV 4 days ago

Great Video. Keep Updating. Regards


Antony Urquizo 4 days ago

While you are wondering about places I was trying to learn about the richest

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