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Does Milk Make You Phlegmy?

Published: 2 weeks ago


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It’s become a common belief worldwide that gulping down a glass of milk will make you phlegmy. But... there seems to be no real scientific evidence to back up that claim.

Hosted by: Hank Green

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obiwanda 1 day ago

Vocal majors be like
"Don't drink milk before singing, it'll coat your throat and make you phlegmy!"
"Oh you have a sore throat? Eat a ton of honey before singing, it'll coat your throat and make you all better!"


Joseph Hamilton 2 days ago

Dairy is always worse for a cold in my experience. What it does I don’t know, sure makes me feel worse though.


Gracie Troyer 3 days ago

Is it true that when you drink milk during a fever it curdles in your stomach?


David Stinnett 4 days ago

My doctor told me this when I was a kid and because asthma is always like 50% mental, I now get worse asthma symptoms of I drink milk during an attack or when sick with chest symptoms

So I’m going with nocebo for sure.


Georgia Walker 4 days ago

Why anyone is still drinking the lactate/puss/blood/faeces secretions of a bovine mammal is beyond me. Dairy is scary


Nova N 4 days ago

Just as well that milk doesn't make my asthma worse, because even if it did, I wouldn't stop drinking it.


Alan Drumm 5 days ago

I love me some milk


LizzyMarieTina 6 days ago

Could you explain how lactose intolerance works and how it can come and go throughout life?


Christopher Noel 6 days ago

I remember mother having this nonsense belief when I was little. If we got sick, it was no milk and no ice cream for a week. When we were old enough to eat ice cream whatever we wanted, it became clear that milk products lengthening a cold was just mythical nonsense.


Aaron Chan 6 days ago

Hey Hank - not exactly true. Im predicting that the scientists didn't angle the research well enough. The nocebo effect is untrue. Needs further research and clarification -
Scientist, father suffering from milk induced asthma & phlegm. Oh yea wasn't expecting it but it caused my toddler son to start phlegming and coughing too (when he hs a cold). He's 2 and he usually doesn't cough after cows milk


Traveel 7 days ago

It makes me phlegmy


gabriel gagne 1 week ago

It is a belief for sure


rommelfcc 1 week ago

Umm please do a segments on the drugs in milk and how it is addictive, (based on stability to feed young,) so they keep interest and don't starve.

And other segment on how milk or milk products cause multiple sclerosis.

Thanks 💋


Albertus VanLubeeck 1 week ago

How is this the first time I've ever heard of this belief?


Dismayven 1 week ago

I do not get phlem in my sinuses but I DO definitely cough up phlem after dairy regardless of what you say lol.....


Brian JOnker 1 week ago

I sure do like my milk. Yet Id say for the exact reason hot liquids are good for congestion Id say cold liquids are bad for congestion. Perhaps some of that emulsified fats contribute?


Devon C 1 week ago

Fascinating. I wonder if it's nothing to do with mucus production but instead with something else. When sick, I seem to cough up huge globs of mucus after drinking milk.


Dana Coleman 1 week ago

Thank you for the information. As a lifelong milk lover who got the flu on Monday this is very timely.


Mariela Alcantar 1 week ago

This is not an exaggeration, this video has changed my life (a tiny part).


Dusty 1 week ago

I've never heard of this at all..

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