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The Most Genius Food Packaging Designs Ever Created

Published: 1 month ago


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The Most Genius Food Packaging Designs Ever Created
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down The Most Genius Food Packaging Designs Ever Created!

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Top 10s 1 month ago

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Shawn Stead 3 weeks ago

I deap my fries


Michael Masonelli 1 month ago

OMG...who wants a goldfish in their drink and you don't CUT UP PIZZA! New York would throw you out.


Dwee Burger 1 month ago

I like your channel


Aperture Testers 1 month ago

Good job copying Be Amazed.


Skoof 1 month ago

Dip my chips


Karna Anand 1 month ago

Shit click bait


Trit ian 1 month ago

your explanations for why these are so innovative is hilariously idiotic lol. "instead of looking at the expiration date or smelling the milk or testing it out.... you can just look at the carton. 'this will save A LOT OF TIME?!' and 'MOTIVATE' you not to waste your milk"..... and hey, if you forget... you "STILL GET AN AWESOME DESIGN"... hahaha, what the fk dude. save time, and motivate me? get the fk outa here hahaha.....
this isn't just some of the most genius food packaging designs ever..... its THE most genius food packaging designs ever created, haha.


Conductive Giant 1 month ago

Y’all be bitches if you eat peanuts without the shells. I eat the whole peanut shell and all. I like the saltiness of the shells


Dustie Mecdowell 1 month ago

I was eating spaghetti so I was not hungry XD


Denys Regalado 1 month ago

I love your vids😃


Violet Evergarden 1 month ago

what if u dont have ketchup at all like me?


IDK 1 month ago

I remembered when I was 9 i would always watch your videos i don't know why i stopped watching your videos but now when i come back to watch your videos again i realised how your voice has changed and you speak so much better!
I'm 11 now btw


juan Andrade 1 month ago

I hate recycling


The Racing Channel 1 month ago

Awesome video!


Robin Sherrod 1 month ago

Where do you find some of these inventions? like the dinosaur ice pops?


Hamza Islam 1 month ago

I liked the old intro music better


Charlie Lackey 1 month ago

french fry box


Kakarot 1 month ago

That pizza one is really useful, never seen it when i've bought a pizza.


Skeppy News 1 month ago

You make awesome vids!!!!!

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