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Top 10 Weirdest Jobs With High Salaries

Published: 3 days ago


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When someone asks you what you do for a living… why not surprise them? For this list, we’re looking at jobs that are somewhat off the beaten track, and yet still pull in respectable yearly salaries or hourly wages. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Weirdest Jobs With High Salaries
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10. Crime Scene Cleaner
9. IMAX Screen Cleaner
8. Horse Exerciser
7. Food Stylists
6. Dog Food Taster
5. Paper Towel Sniffer
4. Face Feeler

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If you like business, entrepreneurship, stories of success and epic fails, be sure to check out ContextTV:


FaithfulAizen 6 hours ago

Well I cant smell paper towels as I cant smell


Mariya K 1 day ago

$45K might be considered high salary unless you’re in CA.. where high taxes & living expenses will take a pretty chunk outta your salary til you’re left with basically nothing.. 😒


Thomas Joseph 1 day ago

I KNEW THIS CHICK WAS HOT just from the sound of her voice. She looks single too. Yummy.


Pr3pp3r Chan 1 day ago

$45k a year isn't a lot of money....


Jordan Thomas 2 days ago

Nice to finally put a face 2 the voice 👍🏽


redpanda416 2 days ago

#1. EA's executives.


siddharth nagar 2 days ago



derkaiser420 2 days ago

That is what she looks like? She is a very good looking lady.


Jeamus 2 days ago

Poop divers are more weirder than #3


Adam Taurus 2 days ago

The dude at 7:25 looked like he really needed that


Ziolek2000 2 days ago

Yo wtf a huger?


Ziolek2000 2 days ago

Yo Face Reveal


Alex r 2 days ago

Saturation divers. They earn that money.


peterking167 2 days ago

Professional snuggler here


Can I Get to 10000 Subscribers Without Any Videos ? 2 days ago

I rob banks!
I get as much as I steal!


Sarah Jacobs 2 days ago

Well then all the paper towel companies fail as theres a distinct smell change in each paper towel.


T Nolen 3 days ago

Guess I gotta adjust to dog food


I am Me 3 days ago

lmao security guards make more then 10. Crime Scene Cleaner . None of these jobs pay a high salary . in a day and age when $110,000 a year is considered low income , your video is very comical and is no where in reality.


Six O'Clock 3 days ago

How do i get the sniffing job? 😳😳😳

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