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Top 10 Dark Souls Moments You Need To See

Published: 1 week ago


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Top 10 Memorable Dark Souls Moments
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We were prepared to die, but we were never prepared for these awesome moments! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Dark Souls Moments!

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List Entries and Rank:
#10. Entering the Painted World of Ariamis
#9. Meeting King Vendrick
#8. Getting Married
#7. Leaving Blighttown
#6. Releasing the Floodgates
#5. Falling into the Old Chaos
#4. Soloing Ornstein & Smough
3, 2 & 1: ???

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Ashley - WatchMojo 1 week ago

Alright who's HYPE for Sekiro?
As always lemme know here in the comments or on Twitter @ashjbow !


marsvin55 8 hours ago

well number 4 should be 1


Brayans08 9 hours ago

this whole thing WatchMojo is doing by “revealing the voice actors” is actually not so great🙁 I actually enjoyed the illusion of it all.....Now I gotta put a face on it....doesn’t quite feel like WatchMojo anymore.
Still great channel!🤘🏼


Ishaan Tripathi 14 hours ago

The presenter looks stupidly funny


jannis beuttenmüller 14 hours ago

Why the f would you skip the cutscene with the painted world and the place it in your video ...


jojo jolly kun 20 hours ago

Oh god i love the ds 2's ost so much...


Crimson AMV 1 day ago

wtf, im not usually one of those:"Where is..." types of guys but where the hell are moments when you discover Ash lake and first time you see Irithyll of the Boreal valley??


Memzer 2 days ago

From knew blighttown was trash, thats why you can skip most of it with the master key


dario pasquino 2 days ago

thinking beating ornstien and smough is what makes you good HA. not if you cant save your boy solaire after. anyway killing mega smough is easy ornstiens however


mihir joshi 2 days ago

ornstein and smough battle was way easy in comparison to artorias imo.


301Cardistry and Reviews 2 days ago

1. The beautiful camera work during Nameless King fight..


Moise Marcial Jr 3 days ago

Sens Fortress should have been on this list.


Edward Adrian 3 days ago

Demon's Souls when you enter world 5-3 and expect to fight a very difficult boss but what You find is a Lady that doesn't want to kill. She wants to help the forgotten people of Boletaria. Bloodborne when fight a small part of your brain. Dark Souls 2 when You fight Fume Knight without adaptability and he kills You more than 50 times.


Darlon 3 days ago

Reaching the Kiln of the First Flame for the first time and realizing you're actually beating the game


Cyriac John 3 days ago

Go back to just showing videos rather than showing the anchor


Hunter Otte 3 days ago

My personal top 10 would be (Not in any particular order):
10. Finding the Painted World
9. Winning your first PvP invasion/duel
8. Seeing Hollowed Vendrik
7. Finding Dark Lurker
6. Soul of Cinders 2nd Stage
5. Meeting the Scholar Aldia across Drangleic
4. Seeing Anor londo for the first time
3. Seeing Manus for the first time
2. Exploreing the Ringed City
1. Ds2 scholar, Aldia's alternate ending (my favorite moment in all the series)

I am going tbh, O&S are pretty easy. The most difficult twin bosses would likely be anything but honestly, Ludd and Zallen are a living stunlock, Dark lurker lays on stress in a fight more than I drench my bowls of lettuce in ranch, Lorian and Lothric have way more synergy. But also when they flat reused an entire area from the 1st game I was more disappointed than happy as development could have easily made a new area instead of carbon copying, cutting out a majority of the area making it less interesting. Painted world dlc made me have conniptions but then I found the final boss in 45 minutes only to see a 3 stage boss that was more annoying than genuinely hard. And being frank, Solair is meh to me. Cool dude but nothing special really. Is he likable, yes, but is he godlike needing praise? Not really to me.


wyldshot666 3 days ago

Is this game that great? I HATE hard games.


andrew daley 3 days ago

This guy sounds like the narrator from Big Brother 😂


Donald trump .v.2 3 days ago

That is why I love dark souls 1


Mashed potato Maifa 3 days ago

1# Gough v kalameet

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