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Top 10 Anime Master Vs Pupil Fights

Published: 2 weeks ago


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Top 10 Anime Master Vs Pupil Fights
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Not every battle is between hero and villain. Sometimes its time to prove who the superior fighter is between teacher and student. For this list we'll be taking a look at iconic and popular anime, including My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, Naruto Shippuden, Tokyo Ghoul; Re, One-Punch Man, The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai), Bleach, Assassination Classroom, G Gundam, and more to see which of these awesome battles are the very best. Expect to see the likes of Midoriya & Bakugo vs All Might, Goku vs Master Roshi, and Jiraiya vs. Pain along the way!

#Anime #MyHeroAcademia #DragonBall

10. Meliodas vs Gilthunder
9. Kaneki vs Arima
8. Natsu vs Gildarts
7. Yoruichi vs Soifon
6. Saitama vs Genos
5. Korosensei vs Reaper 2.0
4. Domon vs Master Asia
3, 2, 1: ???

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Random Guy 5 hours ago

R.I.P Jiraya


M.R. Adnan 10 hours ago

I think you forgot of minato vs obito naruto


Jace Wagner 1 day ago

I stopped the video at 9:30 i cant watch my man Jiraiya die again.


CodeName PizzaJr 2 days ago

Did he say kenekey?


Sweet Mcfudi 2 days ago

10. Meliodas would of have destroyed Gil if he was trying. All of his power was sealed away and he didn’t even have the sword the king gave him. M power level with all of his hax is 60,000. Gil is 2,300


Aryan Yadav 2 days ago

Predicted the 1 entry


SAMEER KHAN 3 days ago

Luffy's gear 4 Vs Rayleigh


Loli4lyf 3 days ago

I only watch loli anime


Ultra Instinct 3 days ago

Kakashi VS Sasuke should've also been there at one of the top spots


Kamal Sgdl 4 days ago

Where is minato vs obito
Sasuke vs kakashi
Orochimaru vs the third hokage


Joseph Whitaker 5 days ago

Me-door-reeeeee-a 😂


Quddus Ocegueda 5 days ago

It’s sad how I have only seen 3 of the 10 shows that were mentioned in this list.


AniM4st3r 5 days ago

who the heck ist gildarts??!?!? That is Natsu vs. Shanks idiot...


joshua 117ti 5 days ago

Dude where is gintoki vs utsuro are you f**king kidding me


Cottn Budz 6 days ago

you guys only made this video cause of boku no hero


Skeets Plays 6 days ago

‘Midoria’ sounds like a stage above diarrhea. It’s Mi-Dough-Riya


Cloudus Lakestream 6 days ago

It’s a nice list! Too bad both you and the characters got almost every single name pronounciation wrong x)


Overlord Mil 6 days ago

Rest in Peace, Jiraya.


gumm cottente 6 days ago

much better


Rip T 6 days ago

Prediction: Jackie Chun vs Goku #1 or riot.

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