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Captain Marvel Finally Solves Major Iron Man Mystery

Published: 7 days ago


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If only someone had given Nick Fury the same kind of warning Santa Claus once gave Ralphie Parker.

Ever since Samuel L. Jackson revealed in January 2018 that Captain Marvel would feature Fury without his signature eyepatch, fans everywhere have been wondering the same thing: would the newest MCU entry explain how he actually lost his eye?

Jackson and the whole Captain Marvel team, including star Brie Larson and co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, have kept quiet about that particular element of the film, but now we know the truth. Captain Marvel does indeed see Fury sustain the injury that ultimately costs him his eye. In doing so, the film also answers a mystery that's gone unsolved for 11 years, since the debut of Iron Man and the beginning of the MCU as we know it. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

So, here's what happens with Fury and his infamous eye in Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers' best friend and fellow Air Force pilot Maria Rambeau boards a ship with Fury after evading the Kree Starforce, who are actually the main bad guys in the film. Unbeknownst to Maria and Fury, Goose, the fuzzy orange cat Fury often cuddled with and cooed at throughout the duration of Captain Marvel is in tow as well.

It’s worth noting here that Goose isn't actually a cat: he's a Flerken, an alien creature who only takes a feline appearance. And it’s Goose who plays a big part in getting Fury and company to safety during the film’s final act. When he realizes the cat has made his way onto his ship, Fury scoops Goose up and thanks him for helping them on their mission to save Earth, protecting the shape-shifting Skrulls, and retrieving the Tesseract.

As Maria and Fury attempt to escape the Kree, Goose opens his mouth and extends several octopus-like arms to grab the Tesseract and swallow it whole. Luckily, Goose has a pocket dimension in which he's able to "store entire universes" and access them at will. Naturally, Fury believes that Goose would never hurt him, since he’s on their side.

As Fury delivers baby-talk to Goose, the cat takes a swipe at his face, leaving several scratch marks across Fury's eyebrow and lid. Fury and Maria assume that the scratch is nothing major, but the injury only gets worse as the film wraps up.

By the very end of the movie, we see Fury wearing a metallic-looking cover over the injured eye which is now missing entirely. Agent Phil Coulson steps into Fury's office, hands him a case full of fake eyes, and jokes that he has a big decision to make. He then asks if it's true that the Kree burned Fury's eye out, a rumor Fury neither confirms nor denies, signaling that he's learned to stay cautious of everyone around him after his life-changing adventures with Captain Marvel, the Kree, and the Skrulls.

The injury Fury suffers in Captain Marvel also connects nicely to the only explicit statement Fury has given about his eye in the MCU thus far. Fans have wondered what happened to Fury's eye since we first met him in Iron Man, but he's made only ever one direct mention of it:

"Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye."

Keep watching the video to see how Captain Marvel finally solves major Iron Man mystery!

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Looper 7 days ago

How do you feel about the "reason" Fury lost his eye?


Hakai Kano 53 minutes ago

Goose goose goose goose goose goose goose


Thomas Becker 4 hours ago

Wow. Having already seen the film I already KNEW how Fury lost use of his eye at the hand, er, paw of Goose. That is 4 minutes I will NEVER get back. Grrrrr!


Captain Mystery 6 hours ago

wooow love it


Jack Egan 11 hours ago

where is the 4rth scroll


Shahaneh Limonadi 11 hours ago

And I saw Fury lose his eye in 3D, which Fury can't see anything in 3D ever again.


Conor McMullen 14 hours ago

Woah, this did clear up THAT major Iron Man mystery


karthikus09 17 hours ago

I have a mystery unsolved

Till end the of Iron man movie Shield did not have full name... how come fury says in Captain Marvel he is a agent for Shield


The lord of random 18 hours ago

Fury: the last time I trusted someone I lost an eye

Goose: hahaahahahahahahahaha


Antony D'Andrea 20 hours ago

How is this a major iron man mystery?!! He only showed up in the post credit scene and many other films since.


ankit amitabh 1 day ago

Looper has also got down to the act click baiting it's fan. Shame


Basements GT 2 days ago

Goose Vs Thanos


GoogleHelpYou 2 days ago

Another thing Captain Marvel explains is why Nick Fury told Tony at the end of Iron Man 1 that Tony wasn't the only superhero


Dorothy Fathonah 2 days ago

I cant belive Fury los his eye because of a cat


Z M 2 days ago

The title makes it seem like this "mystery" involved Tony Stark...


abu zar 2 days ago

Please I would be very happy to know how the tesseract ended up with Dr. Lawson..


Hrithwik Mondal 3 days ago

Today I saw the movie


Barricade2008 3 days ago

Forget that, what about maria hill calling him Nick before turning to dust... thus the reason why Fury called captain marvel


Risa B 3 days ago

lol even if that's canon that's the dumbest and shittiest canon i've ever heard


Vineet Saini 3 days ago

How does it relates with iron man

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