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Top 10 TV Characters That Lost Their Mojo

Published: 6 days ago


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Top 10 TV Characters That Lost Their Mojo
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How the mighty have fallen. For this list we are looking at the TV characters who lost their mojo in the later seasons of their shows. Our list includes, Eric Foreman, Barney Stinson, Penny, Ross Geller, Nick Miller and more! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 TV Characters That Lost Their Mojo.

List Entries and Rank:
10. Bill Compton “True Blood” (2008-14)
9. Eric Forman “That ‘70s Show” (1998-2006)
8. Jake Harper “Two and a Half Men” (2003-15)
7. Nick Miller “New Girl” (2011)
6. Ross Geller “Friends” (1994-2004)
5. Penny “The Big Bang Theory” (2007)
4. Barney Stinson “How I Met Your Mother” (2005-14)
3, 2, 1: ???

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Sarifa Xionic 4 hours ago

I spit out my drink when Ross said Rachel to the girl he was supposed to marry.


Shaima Wahab 6 hours ago

You COMPLETELY missed the whole point of Barney Stinson's character.

Also, they did very much retain his qualities even after he got engaged. I mean, his whole plan to propose to Robin, the surprise Rehearsal Dinner, that was what Barney's all about.

What were you expecting? Him still hitting on girls in the bar after getting married or something?


Mia Moore 7 hours ago

The entire cast of Modern Family should be on this list.


Jay S 7 hours ago

4:19 uh Ross? Really? So you're telling me that towards the last few seasons of the show it didnt feel like the Rachel show?


Polo Surf 7 hours ago

WatchMojo lost their Mojo years ago...


Corrine Conorino 10 hours ago

Am I the only one who feels that Sylar from Heroes should be on here? He started out as the complex villain that defined the show and then turned into a one-dimensional cartoon. It's why I stopped watching the show.


zvonko kožić 16 hours ago

I love watching your videos but you're so wrong about Ross!


V Reacts 17 hours ago

i've got to see some of t hese shows. Ross is my favorite. We can't get enough of his witty sense of humor. LOL


barry allen 17 hours ago

I love you Bille #GoCharmed


Andrew Rand 18 hours ago

Wth happened to Cleveland Brown he was such a character oh wait nvm


jc boy 1 day ago

Freeman?!? Nooooooo.
Ross? Did he have mojo in the first place?
Penny....well...her mojo is more than yours.


Pravesh Alva 1 day ago

Why would anybody hate Ross? He one of the funniest characters on Freinds.


paingoret6 1 day ago

Ross NEVER had mojo! He was always trash.
And Bill was always boring (both in the show and books).
I'd have put Leonard on here over Penny. I used to like him but lately can't stand his character.
How dare you people put BARNEY on this list?!! He stayed Legen-wait-for-it-dairy!!!
And Fish shouldn't be on this list either.


kbral010 1 day ago

How dare you to add Ross?


Alejandro Estrada 1 day ago

I think Joey from Friends became way more stupid and annoying than Nick...I mean that episode when he cant speak french or that time he thought he found his "twin hand"... and also The Cleveland Show???where's Homer Simpson and the entire Springfield gang


Aztecelotl 1 day ago

It's all your fault...



Amit Orko 1 day ago

Ok nick miller. Are you kidding me watchmojo.


Gyarren 1 day ago

Honestly, I think Stewie Griffin had the most disappointing decline in his character. I long for the days when Stewie was sociopathic, matricidal infant with dreams of world domination.


Doğukan Ayan 1 day ago

İ dont think so because they are loved characters and still loved


Luke 🦁 👑 2 days ago


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