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Signs Someone Secretly Dislikes You

Published: 1 week ago


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Signs Someone Secretly Dislikes You
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the Signs Someone Secretly Dislikes You! Want to become a body language expert and read minds?! Well, these psychology tricks will help you to understand human psychology facts and body language of people including signs about their personality! Learn all about facts about people, gestures and human nature! If you think someone secretly dislikes you, look for signs of indifference, a fake smile vs a natural and genuine smile and experiment with these signs to tell a true friendship from a fake friendship! You will be able to spot haters with these mind blowing how to guides all about friendships and relationships advice and even know how to know if someone is lying all using the power of science and body language! #Facts #Psychology #BodyLanguage

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Top 10s 1 week ago

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L D 2 hours ago

Well, I guess everybody hates me.


no no 7 hours ago

I have lots of haters at school lol


Snowflake Lazuli Ice 1 day ago

I came for Luan Palomera jajaxd


Nic Mackowey 2 days ago

Some people don't like to have people get close to them.. And I am just that forgetful.. I won't remember every darn detail of someone


Nic Mackowey 2 days ago

Hi Charlie


j0ellyfish 4 days ago

1 sign i don't really care.



Kylee 4 days ago

I keep distance with my crush lol also use really sweet voice


machela weilding 4 days ago

i get bored if i talk to my self i guess i hate my self


Vincent Villoria 4 days ago

i love you.


Ommarrie 4 days ago

Lol it’s crazy how people believe half of these things because, someone made a top 10 claiming that these signs are indication that a person secretly dislikes you. Truthfully speaking, you would never know what’s going through someone’s mind or what’s in their heart. The only thing you have to watch for is their character and how they act around you over time. I agree with the Tone of Voice and Not listening signs.


Unicorns R lit27 5 days ago

I try not to look my teachers in the eye because they are a little scary...not too much... Im just awkward


Valton F 5 days ago

Yea this video is shit bullshit absolute liiess video is shit


JGFallways16K 6 days ago

1:04 but i put my foot towards anyone unconciously. even if i fucking hate them


Rob Della Sala 6 days ago



Reanna Mackinnon 6 days ago

Some of these signs don't work for all of us


BigBadDodge4x4 6 days ago

I like this channel, it is awesome! This channel is my 192nd favorite your tubes channel! Keep up the great videos!


aether 6 days ago

I’m always shy around my crush and I can’t even make eye contact, idk how to show my feelings.


SciencePandaZoey 6 days ago

My bestie does all of these....

She secretly hates me😮
This is no joke she actually does all of these..


nurit daskal 6 days ago

very interesting. thank you

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