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Top 10 Things People From Hungary Want You to Know

Published: 4 days ago


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It’s a must-visit Eastern European gem. For this list, we’re looking at interesting facts about this nation which many foreigners may not know. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Things People From Hungary Want You to Know.
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10. Budapest Has Repurposed Ruins Into Pubs
9. They Have a Special Name for Their Unique Offerings
8. It's Home to the Largest Synagogue in Europe
7. The Language Is . . . Tricky
6. Hungary Has Won a Large of Olympic Medals
5. The Country Has Over 1000 Natural Springs and the World's Largest Thermal Lake
4. They Keep a Mummified Memento From Their First King in Saint Stephen’s Basilica

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Big thanks to Hollywood News Agency for helping us launch WatchMojo Hungary! Check them out here: and subscribe to WatchMojo Hungary:


Lil’ Budd Light 3 hours ago

So whatcha mojo travel is done?


Jo S. 2 days ago

This is true. I have half of my family of hungarian origin and my partner too. Theyre passionate people and proud of their culture. I never learned their language cus is too difficult. I only understand a bit spoken words but memebers of my family are fluent in their launguage.


Andy Reed 2 days ago

Not watching this one, but running out of ideas? Sheesh.


Gladiator Plays 2 days ago

Officially Hungary is Midle Europian Country but the economy is equal African so thats why they call it "EaSteRN EuRoPiaN CouNTry".


mamc1986 3 days ago

I've been the Hungary, its awesome!


Martić Žarko 3 days ago

Hungary is not located in East Europe, but in Pannonian basin in Central Europe.


Szilárd Hoffmann 3 days ago

Thank you Skipper!
Now i'm free to roam this earth :)


Brigitta Kovács 3 days ago

10+ things people from Hungary want you to know : joking about being hungry whenever foreign people see or hear about our country is not funny. It wasn't funny the first time and still isn't funny the 38437475747483834456th time


Prime.Gaming. Studios 3 days ago

Sorry forgot where i was suppose to give a shit


Joshua Sørensen 3 days ago

This is a great idea, and very educatinal. I know it would take a while, but you should do one of these lists for every country, so people can leearn a little about foriegn countries :) !


coolalvin2 3 days ago

Ethan Hawke?? But seriously, great country. Wine country very underrated.


Vili F 3 days ago

Bözsi néni!
Meghoztam a tyúkot.


Cole Takacs 3 days ago

Szia, hogy vagy?


Vessel 3 days ago

too bad its one of the irrelevant countries


DJ Tranquilosantos 3 days ago

Why is she with that accent budapesht


AnimaLifestyle 3 days ago

Hollywood hírügynökség
Az egyetlen magyar csatorna amit nézek:D


Lilla Joba 3 days ago

Thank you for thinking about Hungary in your lists but...Hungary is central European. Like, it's not an offensive mistake, but Hungary is very much in the centre of Europe and, like, if you're doing a list about it, maybe think that through so your first sentence isn't automatically incorrect? Other than that, thank you. It was a nice surprise :)


Mekeka BG 3 days ago

Maybe Poland?


Kobe Spoor 3 days ago

5:50 Boedapesch

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